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Why Go Green With Your Pest Control

In today’s world, many manufacturers and companies label their goods and services as organic and green. It has become a popular term that consumers respond to. But often consumers are left confused about what the actual benefits of such organic and green labeled products and services are. We at Green Home Pest Control strive to educate our clients on the benefits of our green pest control services over the more traditional Phoenix pest control techniques used by our competitors.

Poisons used by some pest control companies contain dangerous and high-toxicity poisons that are unsafe for families, pets, and the environment. These chemicals can cause adverse health effects in humans and contaminate the environment for years. That is why all of our pest control products are botanically or organically derived, in order to ensure that our metro Phoenix pest control technicians only provide the best green and organic pest control services to our customers. Our better form of pest control provides great results while also providing you with peace of mind that your family and environment are safe from pesticide contamination.

Take a look at our informative infographic that outlines why you should go green with your pest control. Besides the fact that thousands of people are sent to the emergency room due to some form of accidental poisoning every month, and the fact that high-toxicity poisons can contaminate the environment, pests are also becoming immune to traditional poisons used by many pest control companies. Green pest control in Phoenix is safer for your family and your environment, and it can even have positive effects such as making your yard prettier and lowering your energy bill.

To find out more about your metro Phoenix area green pest control company, contact one of our friendly and experienced green pest control experts today.

Why Go Green with Your Pest Control Infographic - Arizona Pest Control Services

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