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close up of pack rat

Prevent Pack Rats From Invading Your Surprise Home


An estimated 1,500 different species of rodents exist worldwide today, making them the largest order of mammals. Some examples include rats, mice, gophers, and squirrels that are found in a variety of sizes and colors. One of the common characteristics shared by rodents is continuously growing from incisors, which are sharp teeth used to gnaw on materials. ... Read More

close up of cockroach

How To Keep Your Gilbert Home Pest-Free


Compared to most areas of the country, we enjoy significantly more sunny days each year and very mild winter weather. This climate also means that homeowners are more likely to encounter year-round pest-related problems. Some of the most common pests that plague residents in the Gilbert area include cockroaches, scorpions, tarantulas, bed bugs, and many others.  ... Read More

close up of silverfish

How To Get Rid Of Silverfish Once And For All In Mesa Homes


Although they are not aquatic creatures, silverfish (Lepisma sacchrina) are insects that move in a “fish-like” way and also have a scaly body. Silverfish have a wingless body that is typically ¾ of an inch long, six legs, antennae, and appear in an almost metallic grey or silver color.   Found in many regions of the country, silverfish are predominately nocturnal pests that mainly exist in warm and humid env... Read More


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