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a bed bug biting the skin of a glendale resident

What Smells Will Keep Bed Bugs Away From My Glendale Home?


The world is filled with a variety of smells. Some are pleasant, like the smell of roses, freshly baked pies, or the cool air near a lake. Others are quick to turn our noses away, like skunks, trash heaps, and neglected public restrooms. The question is, are there scents that bed bugs hate that the average human isn’t bothered by? ... Read More

wasps on a nest in a surprise arizona yard

How Dangerous Are The Wasps In Surprise?


No matter how you feel about wasps, one thing will always be true: a sting from one of these pests hurts. The question is, how bad does it hurt, and beyond the pain, are there any lasting effects that come with wasp stings? To answer these questions, we have some things to consider about wasps in Surprise.... Read More

house mice eating a biscut in a gilbert home

The Best Way To Deal With Rodents On Your Gilbert Property


There isn’t much that hasn’t been discovered about rodents. Of all the animals that exist on the planet, these furry mammals are one of the most studied.  Despite all of the knowledge we have about these creatures, however, they still manage to find ways into our homes year after year. To help you properly deal with rodents on your Gilbert property, here is what you should know.... Read More

an american cockroach crawling on a plate of scottsdale butter dish

What To Do About American Cockroaches In Scottsdale Homes


There are many arguments on whether bigger is better or not. What isn’t argued over is whether or not cockroaches should be bigger. These creepy-looking pests are scary enough as it is. That said, there is one large species of roach in our area that might just find its way into your Scottsdale home. Learn what you need to know about American roaches and some practical steps to protect your home against these invasive insects.... Read More

termites infesting a home in chandler arizona

What Chandler Property Owners Need To Know About Subterranean Termites


There are pests that make sense to people and then there is the subterranean termite. Just think for a second. How much do you really know about these invasive and problematic insects? You might know that they are destructive and that they regularly invade homes. This only scratches the surface of information you should have.... Read More


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