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brown rat outside

Phoenix, Arizona's Complete Guide To Effective Rat Control


There aren’t many pests that can also be considered pets. One of the most notable animals that can fit both of these descriptions is the rat. Interestingly, even people who keep these rodents as pets would freak out if a wild rat invaded their home. ... Read More

cricket on a tile floor

Phoenix Homeowners' Complete Guide To Cricket Control


Is it a cricket or a grasshopper? Many people confuse the two, but really the difference is clear. Grasshoppers are much bigger in every way save one, their antenna. The crickets’ antenna is longer. Of course, crickets wear clothes and star in Disney movies, so it shouldn’t be too hard to figure out. ... Read More

termite crawling on wood

The Best Way To Handle Termites On Your Phoenix Property


Nothing brings fear into the heart of Phoenix homeowners more than finding out that a colony of termites has moved in and are munching on the wooden structures of their home. Thoughts of beams crumbling and floors collapsing can cause a person to wake up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat. Panic sets in when you begin to think about how much money it is going to take to fix the problem.... Read More

ants crawling on sugar

How To Get Rid Of Ants On Your Pheonix Property For Good


After a long, hard day at work, we cannot wait to kick off our shoes and enjoy a yummy meal. Nothing spoils that long-anticipated meal like ants crawling over your counters, on your stove, and in your sink. Living in the bustling city of Phoenix, in the middle of the desert, does not guarantee your safety from these invaders, in fact, Phoenix has multiple house invaders.... Read More

a bed bug biting the skin of a glendale resident

What Smells Will Keep Bed Bugs Away From My Glendale Home?


The world is filled with a variety of smells. Some are pleasant, like the smell of roses, freshly baked pies, or the cool air near a lake. Others are quick to turn our noses away, like skunks, trash heaps, and neglected public restrooms. The question is, are there scents that bed bugs hate that the average human isn’t bothered by? ... Read More


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