American cockroach in the dark

American Cockroaches In Peoria And How To Keep Them Out


American Cockroaches are among the biggest pest problem for Peoria homes and businesses year-round. These pests spread disease and cause damage to personal possessions, so take action at the very first sign by contacting Green Home Pest Control today. ... Read More

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What You Should Know About Turkestan Cockroaches In Mesa


They aren’t necessarily the most common property-infesting cockroach in the U.S., but Turkestan cockroaches cause their fair share of problems for homes and businesses in Mesa. Turkestan cockroaches are known to spread disease and cause stress wherever they go. So, if you’re looking to protect your property, here’s what you should know about Turkestan cockroaches in Mesa.... Read More

cockroach crawling in a basement

Chandler, Arizona's Ultimate German Cockroach Control Guide


When it comes to pests, size matters, but not always in the way you might think. German cockroaches are popularly considered to be the worst type of roach to infest properties. While their larger cousins cause plenty of problems, the small German cockroach can wreak havoc thanks to its tiny stature.... Read More

cockroach crawling in the kitchen

How Did Cockroaches Get Into My Phoenix Home?


All homeowners approach cleaning differently. Where one person might deep clean their home from top to bottom every other day, another might be OK with general cleaning once a week. The truth is, even a spotless home won't necessarily prevent cockroaches, as these filthy pests will invade all different types of homes. Sure, they prefer filth over cleanliness, but this won’t stop them from coming inside to take a look around. The only que... Read More

american cockroach in a basement

Seven Simple Yet Effective Cockroach Control Tips For Phoenix Property Owners


While there are many things you can do on your own to keep these dirty pests out of your property, they can be difficult to prevent and even harder to remove. If you need help with the prevention or removal of cockroaches, contact Green Home Pest Control today. We have the expertise and products required to destroy every single cockroach, so the infestation won't keep coming back.... Read More

cockroach on the edge of a kitchen table

Finding Dead Roaches Inside Means You Have A Problem


Have you found dead roaches in your place of business? This could be a sign of a big problem. One study found that for every roach you see inside, there could be 1000 more lurking behind the walls. A roach infestation in your place of business can create an unseemly workplace, drive away customers, and can even cause health problems... Read More


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