cricket in the basement

The Problems Crickets Can Cause In Your Scottsdale Home


Having a cricket in the house or listening to the loud cricket insect sound all night are just some of the problems this pest can introduce to your life. Proactive prevention and ongoing pest control are essential for eliminating infestations of this insect.... Read More

termite on chewed wood

How To Identify Cricket & Termite Droppings


It can be challenging to differentiate between termite droppings and cricket droppings. Determining the difference is very critical because one of the most destructive and vicious termites found in America defecates pellets that look similar to cricket droppings.... Read More

crickets in a home

8 Organic Ways To Keep Crickets Out


The incessant chirping of cricket is enough to make anyone want to bust out their biggest shoe and find the culprits. Instead of being reactive, there are more organic ways to be proactive so those pesky little musicians keep the music in their own backyard.... Read More


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