house mice eating a biscut in a gilbert home

The Best Way To Deal With Rodents On Your Gilbert Property


There isn’t much that hasn’t been discovered about rodents. Of all the animals that exist on the planet, these furry mammals are one of the most studied.  Despite all of the knowledge we have about these creatures, however, they still manage to find ways into our homes year after year. To help you properly deal with rodents on your Gilbert property, here is what you should know.... Read More

roof rat in corner of house

How Dangerous Are The Roof Rats In Chandler, AZ?


They might not be vicious predators, but roof rats can be a danger to your health and safety nonetheless. When rats infest your property, you have to constantly be on guard against property damage and the spread of disease. Dealing with roof rats can be stressful because of the threats they pose. So, just how dangerous are the roof rats in Chandler? ... Read More

rat eating trash in the backyard

Why You Should Call The Pros About Rodents In Your Phoenix Home


Here in Phoenix, there are a number of home-invading pests that you could potentially encounter. Of these pests, some of the most dangerous are rodents. That’s because rodents are known to carry a variety of harmful diseases that can threaten the health and safety of you and your family. Furthermore, rodents can also cause costly property damage to a property if they get inside. Therefore, it is important for you to know w... Read More

a norway rat inside of a home

11 Simple Tips To Keep Rodents Out Of Your Phoenix Home


If there were a chart rating pests for the problems they cause, rodents would be high on the list. Not only are these furry invaders annoying with the way they crawl through walls and ceiling voids late at night, but they are also dangerous and destructive. The good news is that rodents are preventable. Keep these troublesome pests out of your Phoenix home.... Read More


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