scorpion on a rock ready to sting

Are Scorpions In Chandler, AZ Dangerous?


Living in Chandler is great. There's plenty to do, it is always warm, and it rarely rains. Unfortunately, this climate is great for pests like scorpions as well since they prefer dry, desert areas like we have here in Chandler.... Read More

a scorpion in a glass cup

What You Want To Know About Scorpions In Phoenix


If you have scorpions on your Phoenix property, don't try to get rid of them on your own. They are still very dangerous, and while one sting might not do much damage, multiple stings from numerous scorpions could cause a medical emergency.... Read More

scorpion on the desert ground

Symptoms Of An Arizona Bark Scorpion Sting


Arizona Bark Scorpions are considered the most venomous species of scorpion in the United States, and not surprisingly these scorpions are found here in Arizona, in-home across areas like Phoenix, Surprise, Mesa, and more. Most scorpion stings provide similar pain to that of a bee sting: painful, but only severe and problematic to those with a significant allergy... Read More

scorpion on the end of a stick

Why You Should Use Diatomaceous Earth To Keep Scorpions Outside


The key to safely living in a pest free home is figuring out the best way to balance offense and defense. Most people notice the occasional cricket or spider and don’t think much of it, but their presence in your home could be inviting to one of Arizona’s most concerning pests, bark scorpions... Read More


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