a hairy scorpion in the sand

How Dangerous Are Giant Hairy Scorpions In Peoria?


Giant hairy scorpions size alone can strike fear into the hearts of homeowners all across the state. They may look intimidating, but looks can be deceiving, and you may be surprised at how little danger they bring to your household.... Read More

a scorpion in a glass cup

What You Want To Know About Scorpions In Phoenix


If you have scorpions on your Phoenix property, don't try to get rid of them on your own. They are still very dangerous, and while one sting might not do much damage, multiple stings from numerous scorpions could cause a medical emergency.... Read More

a bark scorpion on the ground

Chandler's Handy Guide To The Striped Bark Scorpion


Scorpions have been portrayed in movies as vicious and dangerous creatures. One sting from one of these venomous pests and you will be dead in minutes, or at least that’s what Hollywood wants you to think. The truth is, not all scorpions are dangerous, and even the ones that are rarely kill. ... Read More


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