up close image of two drywood termites on wood

What To Do About Drywood Termites On Your Chandler Property


Two types of termites are common in the Chandler area. One type is drywood termites, which are vastly different from their counterparts, the subterranean termite. Drywood termites build their nests inside the wood and other cellulose-based materials, whereas subterranean termites live in the damp soil and use tunnels and mud tubes to travel between their nest and food. ... Read More

termite crawling on wood

Do Termites In Phoenix Fly?


Termites are bad enough when they’re crawling around inside the walls of your home or business, but what happens when these destructive pests take flight? It’s a yearly occurrence that’s often a sign of a bigger problem. So, do termites in Phoenix fly? You bet they do, and it’s bad news for your property.... Read More

a termite infestation in a home on wooden trim

How You Could Be Wrong About Termites In Phoenix, AZ


Termites aren’t some mystical pest that no one knows about. In fact, you can find pages of information on termites in Phoenix available online. Despite the amount of information available on these common pests, misinformation is abundant. You may not be the expert on termites that you think you are. Find out how you could be wrong about termites.... Read More

termites infesting a home in chandler arizona

What Chandler Property Owners Need To Know About Subterranean Termites


There are pests that make sense to people and then there is the subterranean termite. Just think for a second. How much do you really know about these invasive and problematic insects? You might know that they are destructive and that they regularly invade homes. This only scratches the surface of information you should have.... Read More

a termite crawling in a wooden tunnel

5 Easy-To-Spot Signs Your Chandler Home Might Have Termites


While there are several pests in Chandler that can cause property damage, the termite is the worst of them all. These small insects eat through wooden structures, and they often go unnoticed for long periods of time allowing them to cause extensive destruction. In fact, the average homeowner with a termite infestation will spend $3,000 in home repairs.... Read More

little termite on rotten wood

Three Things Everyone In Phoenix Ought To Know About Termites


If you ran out of food and had no money to go shopping, would you ever consider taking a bite out of a piece of wood? Of course, you wouldn't. The human body is not built to process building materials. A termite's body, however, is. These small property-invading pests consume wood like it's candy and damage homes and business buildings while they do so... Read More

termite on a kitchen table

What To Do When You Find Termites


Termites can destroy a person’s home within a few years making them one of the most dangerous pests. A home can be one of the largest investments that a person can make so it is important that they know ways to protect themselves against termites.... Read More

termites in home

5 Eco-Friendly Solutions For Termite Control


Termites are one of the pests homeowners fear most, and rightfully so. These critters cause extensive property damage every year, due to the fact that wood is their primary food source. If you think you may have a termite problem, make sure to act quickly but with a level head. Many people don’t expect to ever have a termite infestation but don’t be of the mindset that it can’t happen to you. Knowing what to do to get rid of ... Read More


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