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mice and rats

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Articles Under - mice and rats

Feb 28, 2022

What To Do About House Mice In Your Chandler Home

Are mice squeezing through into your Chandler home? Learn more if you don't know the differences between mice and rats and how they access your Chandler ho... Read More

Jan 06, 2022

Help! There Are Roof Rats In My Phoenix Restaurant

Roof rats can shut a restaurant down in Phoenix, Arizona. Contact Green Home Pest Control to take care of rats. Read More

Dec 23, 2021

Prevent Pack Rats From Invading Your Surprise Home

One of the common characteristics shared by rodents is continuously growing from incisors, which are sharp teeth used to gnaw on materials.  Read More

Nov 17, 2021

Why Do I Have Mice In My Mesa, AZ Home?

What has large ears, furry tails, and an unending hunger for the products in your pantry? If you answered house mice, you'd be correct! Read More

Nov 08, 2021

How To Get Rid Of Roof Rats On Your Chandler Property

Problems with roof rats? Follow our prevention tips to keep your Chandler home rodent-free. Read More

Oct 07, 2021

Surprise Homeowner’s Guide To Effective Rat Control

Rats are one of the worst pests to encounter around your Surprise home. Effective rat control is an essential step in keeping them off of your property for... Read More

Jul 16, 2021

Phoenix, Arizona's Complete Guide To Effective Rat Control

There aren’t many pests that can also be considered pets. One of the most notable animals that can fit both of these descriptions is the rat. Read More

May 07, 2021

How Dangerous Are The Roof Rats In Chandler, AZ?

Dealing with roof rats can be stressful because of the threats they pose. So, just how dangerous are the roof rats in Chandler?  Read More

Mar 26, 2021

Tempe, AZ Property Owners' Complete Guide To Effective Rat Control

If you live in Tempe, AZ you're probably no stranger to rats.  Read More

Sep 14, 2020

11 Simple Tips To Keep Rodents Out Of Your Phoenix Home

If there were a chart rating pests for the problems they cause, rodents would be high on the list. The good news is that rodents are preventable. Read More