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Articles Under - termites in phoenix

Apr 20, 2023

It's Warming Up In Tucson, Termites Could Be Swarming Up

Unsure if those flying insects around your Tucson home are termite swarmers? Let the pros at Green Home Pest Control identify them to avoid a major infesta... Read More

Dec 10, 2022

Are You Able To Prevent Termites Easily In Phoenix?

Termites are dangerous and expensive pests for Phoenix homes. Learn more about these pests and the top solutions from Green Home Pest Control. Read More

Nov 10, 2022

Are The Termites In Phoenix Easy To Prevent?

Wondering if you can easily eliminate termites? Here’s what you need to know about this small, destructive pest. Read More

Sep 05, 2022

Termite Control In Phoenix Can Be A Tricky Science To Master

Do you know how termite control works in Phoenix? This is what you should know to keep your home safe from these wood-destroying insects. Read More

Apr 18, 2022

Are Termites In Phoenix A Severe Problem To Deal With?

Here are some things to know about home-destroying pests and how to deter them from taking a bite out of your equity here in Phoenix. Read More

Jan 01, 2022

Help! Drywood Termites Keep Invading My Phoenix Home

Drywood termites have invaded your home; what now? Call Green Home Pest Control for all your drywood termite needs! Read More

Nov 01, 2021

Phoenix Property Owners Complete Guide To Effective Termite Control

Termites are the most destructive pest in Phoenix, Arizona. Discover why they are so difficult to remove and get tips on identifying an infestation. Read More

Oct 05, 2021

How Dangerous Is It To Have Termites On My Phoenix Property?

The worst part about termites are nearly impossible to discover early on, so if you think that your Phoenix property may have an infestation, it's probably... Read More

Sep 03, 2021

Do Termites In Phoenix Fly?

Termites are bad enough when they’re crawling around inside the walls of your home or business, but what happens when these destructive pests take flight? Read More

Aug 06, 2021

How You Could Be Wrong About Termites In Phoenix, AZ

Termites aren’t some mystical pest that no one knows about. Despite the amount of information available on these common pests, misinformation is abundant. Read More

Jul 13, 2021

The Best Way To Handle Termites On Your Phoenix Property

Nothing scares Phoenix homeowners more than finding out that a colony of termites has moved in and are munching on the wooden structures of their home. Read More

Jun 15, 2021

Four Common Myths About Phoenix, AZ Termites You May Still Believe

Among the pests that consume wood, termites might be the worst. Many Phoenix, AZ homes and businesses are no more because of them.  Read More