Insects and animals with four legs are usually the focus when folks seek out pest remediation. The reason is that these kinds of critters are often the ones to violate . Many will threaten the building or human health, as they tend to carry illness-causing germs or transmit disease. Birds can be just as worrisome, however. The potential impact of these creatures and their populations is not to be underestimated. It can be challenging to manage them, given their natural habitat. Find out what to do to and how Green Home Pest Control can help.

How Do Pigeons Look And Behave? What Are The Dangers?

Pigeons are generally about 11 inches long, with an average weight of 13 ounces. Though they can vary in color, most are gray and have a whitish backside. Two red feet and a pair of wings with black bars get them around. A wide black band adorns their tail. These feathered creatures are sometimes called rock doves. Pigeons are common across the United States. Humans inadvertently provide pigeons with ideal places to gather and nest. These flying pests rely on us for such locations. They prefer to land and settle near sheltered spaces, steeples, structural voids, and similar. When they get hungry, they’ll seek out grains primarily. Pigeons will pillage through abandoned or leftover fare and trash cans. With all of this information in mind, you can expect to encounter them by parks, agricultural zones, feed mills, grain elevators, bridges, and the like. The mating cycle for pigeons lasts throughout the year, but it peaks in spring and fall. These birds will release one or two eggs each, but they won’t hatch for over two weeks. It might sound a little icky, but adults will feed their young regurgitated food. The substance is referred to as “pigeon milk.” Some of the key issues bring are:

  • They have a slippery fecal matter that people can fall in.
  • The acid that can age a building or damage its paint is in their waste.
  • Their droppings can trigger fungal growth.
  • Toxoplasmosis, histoplasmosis, cryptococcosis, and salmonella are among their associated diseases.
  • Ticks, fleas, mites, and lice may be in their feathers.
  • They might destroy farms, gardens, fruit trees, and dumpsters.
  • Fires can occur when they congregate in dryers and vents.

Is There A Way To Prevent Pigeons?

Considering how they operate, it’s not unusual to see pigeons in both urban and residential settings. People are typically very comfortable with their presence and aren’t afraid of them. In many cases, the fowls are either ignored, actively watched, or fed for amusement. They may be a day-to-day constant, but that doesn’t mean you need to tolerate them on your Chandler property. Remember the risks involved. To , do the following:

  • Fix gaps in dryers, vents, foundations, windows, and rooflines right away.
  • Eliminate standing water by regularly draining swimming pools and pet water bowls.
  • Remove possible food sources from the lawn and use airtight containers for garbage storage.
  • Avoid feeding the birds; they’ll have less incentive to return.
  • Attach screens or covers to all exterior louvers and vents.

How Will Green Home Pest Control Handle Pigeons?

Our Green Home Pest Control team uses safe and effective control methods to keep pigeons off your property. As always, our treatment methods will not harm you or your pets. We begin by inspecting your property. From there, we come up with a customized plan that includes stainless steel spikes, bird netting, exclusion wire mesh, perching wires, or trapping. Our team continuously works to improve making us popular and effective bird control experts. Call us today to get started!

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