Living in a pest-infested home isn’t only uncomfortable but can also be dangerous. Not only do pests seek to invade our privacy, but they can also carry diseases that can be harmful to both humans and pets.

From cockroaches and ants to spiders and rodents, countless types of pests can make your Scottsdale home their new home. And if you’re not keen on pest control methods like spraying dangerous chemicals in your home, then professional is your best bet.

They’ll take care of any pest problem quickly and safely, so you can enjoy your home pest-free.

Is Pest Control Safe For Pets?

Home pest control isn’t only crucial for your comfort and safety but that of your pets as well. However, there are pointers you should keep in mind before hiring a professional pest controller.

  • Licensing: All professional pest controllers in Scottsdale should have a license from the Arizona Department of Agriculture.
  • Chemicals: Some pest control chemicals can be harmful to pets if ingested. Be sure to ask your pest controller about which chemicals they’ll be using and how safe they are for humans and animals.
  • Green solutions: There are also many green solutions for pest control that are safe for pets and humans. Ask your pest controller about their methods and whether or not they’ll be using any green solutions.
  • Experience: Ensure your pest controller has experience dealing with the type of pests you’re trying to get rid of. They’ll have the right equipment to deal with them and know which chemicals and methods to use.

Fortunately, most Scottsdale firms have experience in dealing with various pests and know how to use safe methods and chemicals.

However, you shouldn’t take their word for it – always ask about their methods and chemicals before hiring them.

Tips To Keep Your Pets Safe During Your Pest Control Treatment

Pets are an essential part of our lives, and we want to ensure they’re safe and comfortable during any pest control treatment. In readiness for home pest control treatment, you can do a few things to ensure your pets’ safety.

  1. Remove all food and water bowls from the area that will receive treatment.
  2. Place pets in a safe, well-ventilated room away from the treatment area.
  3. If possible, place an airtight seal around the room door to keep fumes out.
  4. If your pets must remain in the treated area, ensure they’re supervised and keep them away from any chemicals or pesticides.

You can ensure that your pets are safe and comfortable during your home pest control treatment by following these tips. And if you have any questions or concerns, be sure to speak with your pest controller before the treatment begins.

The Do’s And Don’ts Of Home Pest Control

When dealing with , it’s crucial to know the do’s and don’ts of home pest control. Here are a few tips to get you started.


  1. Clean up food and water spills immediately.
  2. Seal all cracks and openings in your home where pests can enter.
  3. Place traps or baits in areas where you commonly see pests.
  4. Use a vacuum to clean up any dead insects.
  5. Use essential oils for home pest control.


  1. Touch or disturb any live insects, as they may be carrying diseases.
  2. Use pesticides or chemicals unless instructed to do so by a professional.
  3. Try to remove the pest yourself – leave this job to the professionals.
  4. Avoid using DIY home pest control products.

With these tips, you’ll be well on your way to getting rid of pests in your home – without putting yourself or your pets at risk. For more information on home and yard , speak with a professional pest controller.

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