Some pest problems are so difficult to avoid and contain, there’s no alternative to . Bed bugs fall firmly into this category, and the blood-sucking parasites are more than just gross, they are far more common than you may realize.

Bed Bugs Cause Panic

Everyone knows that bed bugs bite people. It’s a factoid that’s been repeated so many times that people tend to think of it in abstract terms until they experience a bed bug infestation. Then, the panic sets in, people wanting to avoid the health concerns of these tiny pests will try anything and everything that might provide quick relief. The problem is that are good at hiding out and digging into areas around homes and businesses. While you’re focused on the bugs in your mattress, the eggs that are stashed elsewhere will hatch and replenish any pests that you managed to kill. By the time people realize DIY methods aren’t working, they’ve wasted crucial time and money that could have been spent seeking professional help.

Bed Bugs: Right & Wrong

If you still need convincing, there are specific methods we can point to that highlight where at-home bed bug control often goes wrong. Online resources and folk remedies will assure you that many unproven solutions are cheap and effective, but the truth is less simple. While there are prevention methods you can take to , even clean homes can find themselves with an infestation. Here are things to avoid and things you can get started on by yourself, but the only true guarantees come from experts.


  • Heat: People will blast their mattresses with a hairdryer or some other heat source as a way of cooking bed bugs out. This is not only ineffective, your local fire department would also caution you against it.
  • Vinegar: While vinegar can ward off certain insects that are repelled by the smell, it will attract others. It also has nothing to do with bed bugs, which are only looking for blood to feed on and don’t care what smells might be in the air.
  • Baking soda: The idea is that by sprinkling this around contaminated areas, you’ll kill off or repel the bed bugs. Problem is, this will simply force them to find somewhere else to infest and it will do nothing to address bed bug eggs.


  • Smart purchases: Used or second-hand items can be contaminated with bed bugs or eggs, including other furniture and cloth-lined items.
  • Hotspots: When traveling or spending time in hotels, transit hubs, hospitals, or other public places, it’s important to check yourself and your clothes thoroughly for bed bugs before you accidentally give them a lift back to your property.
  • Inspections: Only professional inspections can catch a bed bug problem before it grows out of control. Routine inspections can also clue you into problem spots in your home that attract other pests.

The Best Approach From Green Home Pest Control

The reason expert guidance is needed is that from any number of places, and the tiny bugs can hide in a range of places you may not think to check. The thorough service offered by Green Home Pest Control is effective because of these simple steps:

  • Inspection: Our experts will get started right away on a thorough and complete analysis of your home and its risk of pest infestations.
  • Initial treatment: Whether bed bugs are already a problem or not, we’ll tailor proven and safe treatments to your property, administered by trained technicians.
  • Customized Follow-up: Now that we’ve learned more about you and your home, we’ll check back regularly to make sure pest problems stay gone.

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Bed bugs are common and persistent pests. To keep your home safe, partner with the professionals at Green Home Pest Control. Our effective treatments and proven prevention is the only thing that’s . Rest easy by calling Green Home Pest Control today.

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