American cockroaches are the most significant home-invading pests in the United States. Also known as the water bug, American cockroaches are particularly prevalent in cities and collect inside sewer systems. In Peoria and other warm-weather states especially, American cockroaches are a problem for homes and businesses year-round.

Having American poses a significant risk to the health and welfare of those who live in or frequent your abode or establishment. They are known for spreading diseases, and thus an American cockroach infestation can make your home uninhabitable. News of cockroaches can cause businesses to shut down or severely tarnish a company’s reputation.

Read more about how to , the damage they can pose to homes and businesses, and tips on preventing American cockroaches.

How Can I Identify An American Cockroach?

American cockroaches typically range in size from 1.3 inches to 2.2 inches long and are a reddish-brown color. American cockroaches can be identified by a yellow marking, which resembles a figure eight or infinity symbol, on the back of their heads. These insects have oval-shaped bodies with six legs and antennae, and they are also winged and able to fly short distances.

Contrary to their name, American cockroaches aren’t native to the United States, but they originate from Africa and the Middle East. Now found everywhere in the world, it’s believed that these roaches were inadvertently brought to the United States on ships sometime in the 1600s.

Why Are American Cockroaches So Bad For Homes And Businesses?

American cockroaches are among the dirtiest pests there are, and that’s mainly due to their diet. American cockroaches are scavengers, and they feed on decaying food that has been discarded in a trash can or dumpster, among other putrid rubbish. Also, they feed on roadkill, feces, hair, and fingernails, dead insects, dead skin flakes, and other repulsive sources.

While these pests will eat anything from greasy foods, meats, and starchy pantry items, to sweets, fermenting fruit, and milk, they’ll also feast on book bindings, stamps, soap, cosmetics, glue, wallpaper paste, cardboard, paper documents, toothpaste, beer, leather, and even other cockroaches.

As many food sources are contaminated with bacteria, cockroaches can pick them up and transport them elsewhere. The presence of , such as asthma. Some of the diseases that American cockroaches are linked to spreading include:

  • Cholera
  • Gastroenteritis Dysentery
  • Leprosy Salmonellosis
  • Listeriosis Cholera Giardia

Tips On Preventing American Cockroaches

Because they are so prevalent in Peoria and elsewhere, the is to remove the factors that may be attracting them to your home and business. Some of these efforts include:

  • Stay On Top Of Cleaning, Both Indoors And Outdoors: American cockroaches are attracted to trash, overgrown brush, and other areas where debris is present. Keeping your yard clean of fallen debris, housing garbage in a lidded, air-tight can, and disinfecting surfaces, especially those where food is consumed, are all preventative measures.
  • Pay Close Mind To Kitchen Areas: The kitchen is one of the go-to destinations of American cockroaches. Avoid them by keeping all food areas and surfaces clean, limiting the number of places that food is consumed, and keeping all food stored in glass, air-tight, lidded containers, as cockroaches can chew through (and eat) paper, plastic, and cardboard.
  • Vacuum Frequently And At Night (if possible): Cockroaches feed at night, so vacuuming frequently and at night. This can help to remove fallen food particles or other debris.

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If you suspect you may have American cockroaches, there’s truly no sense in wasting your time or money, or risking your health and the welfare of others, by attempting to exterminate them on your own. Contact the local professionals at Green Home Pest Control today at the first sign of cockroaches in your home or business and get started with today.

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