, such as recluse varieties, are alive and well, even though they may not be out in the open for everyone to see. Common house spiders and other types of small spiders may wander into Chandler houses. Contact Green Home Pest Control about ways to get rid of spiders. Our experienced technicians can .

Common Spiders In Arizona: Are Brown Recluses One Of Them?

Recluse spiders may be found in Arizona. However, these spiders are not typical and are regularly misidentified. A brown recluse is a tan spider with a distinct violin or fiddle design on its cephalothorax. Below are a few tips on possible .

  • Eyes: Look for eight eyes. A brown recluse only has six eyes aligned in pairs.
  • Fiddle Mark: A brown recluse has a violin mark that is noticeably darker in color. Many spiders have markings, but they may not be darker.
  • Legs: Are legs striped, banded, or dark? Then the creepy crawly in question may be any one of several types of small spiders instead of a brown recluse. The legs of a brown recluse are one light color.
  • Location: Note where a spider is spotted. Is the little guy out in the open? Is the critter near a window or in an area of the home that is bright, dry, and packed with people? A brown recluse is aptly named for its desire to be left alone; it seeks out parts of a sparsely populated property, dark, damp, and cluttered, such as basements, crawl spaces, cellars, and garages.

Are Brown Recluse Spiders Poisonous?

Want to learn more about poisonous spiders in Arizona? Finding out more about the brown recluse is a good start.

The dangers of a brown recluse bite are two-fold: one is that these bites often go unnoticed, and two, these bites can be necrotic. Symptoms may appear anywhere from two to eight hours after the bite. The skin around the bite may become red and swollen; a blister may even develop. Itching, fever, joint pain, vomiting, and rash are potential symptoms.

Worried a brown recluse has attacked? Seek immediate medical attention. Most likely, there won’t be a positive brown recluse bite identification, but it’s better to play it safe; if it is a recluse bite, there will hopefully be onsite resources available to help.

Preventing Common House Spiders

There are , but prevention is arguably the best.

  • Clear Up The Yard: Ensure firewood is stowed far from the dwelling, at least 20 feet away. Carefully bag up piles of leaf litter to remove. Get rid of any debris that could attract spiders.
  • Declutter: Spiders love clutter, and so do some of their favorite meals, aka bugs. Stay on a regular schedule, so clutter doesn’t pile up in trouble areas like closets, basements, garages, and outbuildings.
  • Keep A Clean Home: Remove spiders’ number one attractant: food. If other pests can’t find anything to eat in the home, spiders can’t either- problem solved. Frequently sweep, mop, and vacuum. Disinfect any areas where food has been prepared or eaten—store food in sealed containers.
  • Reduce Moisture: Enlist the help of a plumber to solve any leaky pipe or faucet issues. Install a dehumidifier in constantly moist areas.

Ways To Get Rid Of Spiders In Chandler

It doesn’t matter if it’s a brown recluse or any other type of arachnid. If there is an abundant population of spiders in Chandler, it’s time to take action. The most effective way to take care of spiders is by reaching out to Green Home Pest Control. Our reliable technicians can not only , but we can also take care of pests that continue to feed them.

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