It’s not uncommon for people to get the wrong idea about certain pests. Those that we consider no big deal can be some of the most dangerous. No, not just mosquitoes, but even crickets can pose far greater problems than most people realize. Learning how you can protect your Mesa, AZ home from invasive house crickets will help you stay protected from the damage and disease they spread.

Crickets: What You Should Know

Thanks to cartoon representations and old fables, people view crickets as peaceful insects that are symbols of conscience and wisdom. In some cultures, crickets, especially the chocolate-covered kind, are even a delicacy! While they are certainly unique pests, crickets are far more serious than most people realize. They can carry diseases and cause property damage. Even their iconic chirping sound is far less pleasant when you have to listen to it all night long. That’s why it’s important to get your facts about pests directly from experts, instead of relying on cultural representations that don’t prepare you for the realities of a pest infestation.

Crickets Are Bad News

Now that we’ve covered the broad misconceptions, it’s important to focus on some of the specific problems that often accompany a cricket infestation. You’ll notice that many of these issues are the same as other dangerous pests in Mesa you already worry about:

  • Damage: Crickets eat fibrous keratin, a substance found in animal fibers like leather, silk, and wool. Not only are these materials commonly found in homes, but many kinds of fur and hair that generally gather around a home can also contain keratin and attract crickets.
  • Disease: Most people don’t realize that crickets can spread diseases. Just like rodents and parasites, crickets are known to spread illnesses like salmonella.
  • Population: Crickets, like all bugs, breed in large numbers. Male crickets produce their sound to attract females, and a single cricket can quickly turn into a full, noisy population.

What Attracts Crickets To Your Home

Now that you know how serious a cricket infestation can be, you understand why you need to protect your home from them entirely. Many of the same kinds of factors that attract other common pests also attract crickets. The following are things to consider when attempting to control pests around your property:

  • Food: From the keratin and decaying plants they eat to store food and trash that can be found around a home, there are plenty of food sources for scavenging pests like crickets.
  • Moisture: First and foremost, pests like moist areas. Not only can excess moisture around your yard — like puddles and water features — attract crickets, but they will also be attracted to indoor areas where water pools or hangs in the air.
  • Other Crickets: The sound crickets make is only made by males, who rub their rear legs together to produce the chirping noise that attracts mating females. One cricket on your property often attracts more.
  • Other Pests: For that matter, existing pest populations will also attract crickets. They are omnivorous, eating smaller insects as well as plant matter.

Get Professional Protection From Green Home Pest Control

To ensure that your home is protected from crickets, you need to protect your property with overall pest control. Not only does one pest population often attract another, but early prevention is a better way to avoid pest problems than merely reacting whenever you notice they’re already there. At Green Home Pest Control, we can assist you with all you need to know about proper cricket control, from thorough inspections of your home to timely treatments that ward off crickets and other invasive insects in the future. Make sure your Mesa home is cricket-free by contacting Green Home Pest Control today.


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