Nature is a terrifyingly beautiful thing. Everything works together to serve a purpose. Even tiny insects have a part to play in the ecosystem of our planet. Termites are not an exception to this rule. These little bugs do a great job of keeping Earth clean. The only problem is that they take their job too seriously and often overstep boundaries. What are we talking about? We are talking about all of the ways these invasive insects cause trouble for homeowners here in Chandler. If you have never taken the time to consider why termites might be a problem for you, we have some things for you to think about today. Before we dive in, let us offer you a quick solution to the problems you are facing with these pests. If you know termites are inside your home or causing damage to your property, call our team at Green Home Pest Control. We are local experts with the tools and training to handle these and other destructive pests that might cause you trouble. Let us walk you through your options for termite pest control in Chandler and find a treatment that best meets your needs. If you are here looking to learn more about the types of termites living in Chandler and how to identify and prevent these pests, keep reading. We have everything you will ever need to know.

Know The Warning Signs Of A Termite Infestation
A termite infestation is a terrible thing. One of the biggest problems people face with these pests, however, is not watching their homes fall apart in front of their eyes. Rather, it is being unaware of an active problem until it is too late. What do we mean by this? Well, termites are silent destroyers. They do not crawl over countertops like ants or buzz through living rooms like flies. These small insects tunnel into the structural wood of homes. The only time they come out is during the swarming season. Even during this time, they can only survive above ground for just under an hour. What makes things worse is that termites start with foundational wood, wood you cannot see. They nibble on the supports of your home, structures under floorboards, and other sections of wood that are out of sight. We will talk more about termite damage in just a bit. For now, we want to provide you with some warning signs that your home might have an active infestation. Here are some common signs of termites to start with.

Tiny, pin-sized holes in structural wood

Moisture spots on floors, walls, and ceilings

Peeling or bubbling wallpaper and paint

Pencil-width mud tubes crawling up your home’s exterior

Hollow-sounding wood

An odd rustling noise coming from your walls, floors, or ceilings

Termite swarmers (winged termites)

Windows and doors that are becoming harder to open and close

Floorboards that have begun to squeak

Most signs of termites only start to show up after extensive damage. To stop these pests before they cause problems on your property, bring in our team for termite identification. We will thoroughly inspect wooden structures in your home and outbuildings and determine if these pests are around and causing problems. If we find anything concerning, we will let you know and give you our options for termite control. If you are not interested in investing in year-round control, we recommend scheduling your property for a yearly inspection. This will let us identify infestations early before they become severe.

A Termite Infestation Can Cause Extensive Property Damage
There is no situation where termites in Chandler will destroy property in a month. Even a fully mature nest only consumes a two by four worth of wood in about six to seven months. All things considered, that is not a lot of damage. Real problems arise when one of two things happens. The first thing is expansion. Termite nests can split by either budding or swarming. When active colonies split on local properties, new nests often choose to feed on the same food sources as their initial colony. It is not uncommon for there to be three or more nests surrounding a single home or outbuilding. As you might imagine, this can drastically increase the rate at which these pests can damage a property. The second factor that results in problems is time. Because termites are able to silently damage wooden structures, they are often not noticed for years. By the time you start to notice common warning signs, it may already be too late. What do we mean by this? Here is how termite damage might look inside your home.

Termite damage comes in two forms: moisture damage and hollowed wood. The most common types of termites in Chandler are subterranean termites. These pests rely on moisture to survive. This means they will only invade wood that is moisture-damaged, rotting, or in decay. Once indoors, these pests spread moisture to create more opportunities for feeding. This moisture, combined with the constant hollowing out of boards, beams, and other structures can lead to some noticeable damage. At first, the damage might appear in the form of moisture spots, creaky floorboards, and other indirect damage. Over time, however, you might notice that your floors start to sag or that support beams begin to buckle. Although it can take several years for things to get to this point, severe termite damage is more common than you might think. Lots of people ignore issues and allow them to continue without seeking professional help. This breaks our hearts. Each year termite infestations are allowed to persist, the cost of repair goes up drastically. The only thing that does not go up is the cost of treatments. Most termite control works for minor or severe infestations. Part of our goal today is to give you affordable and effective options to stop these destructive insects before they cause any sort of problem for you and your property.

Reasons And Factors For Termite Infestations
A termite infestation can start in a number of ways. Oftentimes, these pests do not start by chewing their way into a home or man-made structure. Instead, problems start somewhere close by. There is a good chance that there is an active termite nest within a mile of your home right now. It is probably somewhere in the woods near a dead tree. This nest will eventually spread as termites look for new tasty treats nearby. Sometimes colonies will develop nearby leaf piles, sticks, or decaying logs. Other times they will start close to untreated lumber, wet cardboard, or left-out newspapers. If a nest starts by nibbling on one of these things on your property, it is only a matter of time before the growing colony starts to inspect your home for edible wood. Some termites only consume wood that is water-damaged. Others prefer dry, untreated wood. If a nest decides that sections of your home look tasty, termites will start to tunnel their way indoors and become a problem for you.

Because some types of termites enjoy wood that is damaged, it is important that you take the necessary precautions to repair sections of your home that have suffered because of excess moisture, rot, decay, or sun damage. If you are not skilled or equipped to do this on your own, bring in a professional who is. A trusted provider will check your home for damaged sections and work hard to address problems that might attract termites. Along with repairing damaged wood, it is also recommended to seal gaps, holes, and cracks in your home’s exterior foundation and make sure that there is a non-wood barrier between exterior soil and wooden structures higher up. Another fantastic option to stop termites involves bringing in our team of professionals. Green Home Pest Control offers many amazing treatments and strategies to stop all sorts of pests, including destructive termites. Here is more you should know about our services.

What It Takes To Get Rid Of Termites
Green Home Pest Control is a termite control provider in Chandler that has a focus on eco-friendly solutions to common pest problems. To handle termites, we use two main forms of treatments. The first involves liquid treatments injected into a trench around your home’s exterior. This method is extremely effective at dealing with existing infestations as well as preventing future invasions. The second method involves bait. We use the Trelona┬« ATBS Advance┬« Termite Baiting System. Trelona┬« ATBS stations are designed to be attractive to termites while at the same time being slowly lethal to these pests and their colonies. Both of these methods are equipped to help you handle these destructive creatures before, during, or after they cause damage to your home. To help us help you, talk with our team. We will answer any additional questions you have and help you determine what service is best for your home and property.

Call our team at Green Home Pest Control today to find out more about our advanced services or to make an appointment for your Chandler home and property.

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