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Reliable Pest Services In San Tan Valley, AZ

The community of San Tan Valley is located in the Sonoran Desert near the San Tan Mountains. The planned residential neighborhoods such as Pecan Creek South and Johnson Ranch, along with various retail properties, are entering an area filled with significant wildlife. Some of these desert inhabitants include long-tongued bats, round-tailed squirrels, many types of insects, and many more. According to a report on CBS 5 KPHO, the cooler winter nights in the valley region effectively limit the mosquito population, but that doesn’t stop many other pests from simply adapting to the variable conditions. For example, spiders and scorpions often seek to infiltrate properties that provide a stable, climate-controlled nesting environment and source of water.

We’ve been helping San Tan Valley for many years

Owners of both residential and commercial properties in the greater San Tan Valley region have relied on Green Home Pest Control for years now. Our team of licensed pest control professionals understand how the various pests in this region get indoors and where they tend to hide, nest, and congregate. We look forward to speaking with you today about conducting a free estimate.