You don’t need to have arachnophobia to wish spiders would stay out of your home. There are , and others that just look intimidating. Whether or not a spider can bite you, there’s a good chance you don’t want it inside your home. With a few spider control tips, you can keep the eight-legged creatures outside.

The Common Phoenix Invaders

To truly understand what it takes to keep spiders out, you need to know about the local invaders. Perhaps . This black spider has a potent venom that can result in a fatality. Although only the females are a threat, you should be wary of an encounter.

Another venomous local spider is the brown recluse. Often confused for other types of spiders, the brown recluse is identified by a violin marking on its back. Its bite isn’t as bad as the black widow but does require medical attention. Other spiders, like the house spider, aren’t harmful to humans but can still bite and be a nuisance.

Whatever the case may be, you don’t need to share your home with spiders. They often leave behind messy webs and make you feel uncomfortable in your own home. Typically, keeping spiders out is as simple as keeping out the insects that they eat.

The Six Spider Prevention Tips

Spider prevention doesn’t need to be complicated. With these six tips, you can keep arachnids from bothering you:

  1. Store Food And Trash Properly: If you don’t want spiders following their prey inside, consider the way you store your food and trash. Keep your garbage in cans with lids, whether they are inside your home or outside of your home. If your outdoor garbage is easily accessible, spiders could eventually make their way inside. Likewise, keep your food in plastic or glass containers. If you have open food in your pantry, ants and cockroaches will have ample food.
  2. Clear Clutter: Over time, tour home accumulates more belongings than you need. In addition to making your home look messy, this clutter gives insects places to hide. Go through your home and look for ways to reduce the clutter. If you find anything don’t need, donate or sell it.
  3. Address Moisture Issues: Most Phoenix pests need plenty of moisture to survive. Therefore, one of the most is to reduce the moisture in your home. If you notice a leak, fix it. And if you have high humidity, use a dehumidifier or vent.
  4. Keep Firewood Away From Your Home: As convenient as it may be to have firewood near your home, this convenience also comes at a cost. Insects and spiders could be near your home, waiting to get in. Move your firewood rack as far from your home as possible.
  5. Seal Entrances: If you seal up all potential insect and spider entrances, pests will remain outdoors. Check for small cracks or crevices and use caulk to seal them up. When you have holes in your screen, patch them with a repair kit.
  6. Sweep Webs Away: Once you notice a spider web in your home, sweep it away. Sure, the arachnid may just build another web. But this is a start and could get you one step closer to a spider-free home.

All of the tips above are a great beginning, but they’re no substitute for professional assistance. At Green Home Pest Control, we have all the tools necessary to keep spiders and their prey away. Our highly trained team is always eager to . Call us now to learn more about our options.

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