You may know them by their name. Carpet beetles are notorious pests. But knowing the name isn’t enough to protect you from the threat of carpet beetles in Chandler, Arizona. First and foremost, carpet beetles are probably not going to damage your carpets. They prefer natural fibers, and most modern carpets are made with synthetic fibers. So vacuuming your carpets is not going to completely address a carpet beetle infestation. Here are a few more things you ought to know about carpet beetles in Chandler.

They’re Small
A carpet beetle is only about ? of an inch. That is nothing more than a speck. If you’ve looked online to find pictures of carpet beetles, you may have a hard time associating the pictures with the pests because they’re so small.

We Have Four Carpet Beetle Species In Chandler
They are the furniture, varied, common, and black carpet beetle. It is not necessary that you tell them apart, but it is important that you are able to distinguish them from other insects. You may need a magnifying glass to do so. A carpet beetle will be oval in shape, unless it is a black carpet beetle. Black carpet beetles are more of a pill shape. All carpet beetles have hard wing covers that have a line of separation going down the center of the back. The antennas of a carpet beetle appear bulbous on the tips, almost like the handlebars on a motorcycle.

This Is How Carpet Beetles Get Inside
These insects can easily get into your Chandler home through a small gap, crack, or hole. They do this as they are searching for food. Carpet beetles eat pollen and nectar. If you have plants that are near your foundation walls, you are more likely to have these insects getting into your home. Use these tips to keep them out:

Repair any holes in your screens.
Seal gaps around door and window frames.
Repair damaged window panes.
Seal gaps in foundation penetrations.
Seal crack in your foundation wall.
Install weep hole protectors.
This Is What Carpet Beetles Do Inside
If you see a carpet beetle in your home, there are a few things you should be aware of.

Adult carpet beetles are a warning sign of property damage. They don’t damage your stuff. It is the larvae of carpet beetles that put holes in your clothing and other fabrics. If you suck adult carpet beetles up with your vacuum, you may only be removing the warning sign. Vacuuming is a good first step because it can pick up eggs that are near the surface of your carpets, but steam cleaning is necessary to eliminate carpet beetle larvae in rugs.
Adult carpet beetles can become a pantry pest. They can lay their eggs in your stored foods. You can prevent this by keeping your food in sealed containers.
Carpet beetle larvae damage your belongings. These larvae are hairy grubs. Inspect items made with natural fibers to locate them. If you’re able to put an item in a 30-minute dryer cycle, this can kill carpet beetles in all stages of development.
Carpet beetle larvae are bigger than the adult beetles. This makes them a little easier to locate than the beetles.
Carpet beetle larvae prefer darkness. If you have a rug with natural fibers, such as an area rug, lifting it up and inspecting the bottom can reveal carpet beetle grubs.
This Won’t Work To Control Carpet Beetles
If you attempt to get rid of carpet beetles with sprays, you’re likely to be disappointed. Sprays are topical and they don’t get deep enough to kill carpet beetle eggs and larvae. You are also going to have limited success with diatomaceous earth or anything else you sprinkle on your carpets. Not only will these not get deep enough, they’ll do nothing to address carpet beetles that have infested the clothing in your closets, etc.

The Best Way To Deal With Carpet Beetles In Chandler
Contact the Chandler pest experts. The team here at Green Home Pest Control can arrest a carpet beetle infestation in your home and also give you ongoing perimeter protection to prevent carpet beetles from infesting your home again. Reach out to us today for advice, or to schedule quality pest control services. We’re happy to help.

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