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Phoenix Homeowners' Handy Spider Prevention Guide

October 07, 2020

a black widow spider on a web

Given that Phoenix is such a warm area of the country, dealing with spiders is an often constant problem. The desert environment provides a place for many spider species to thrive, but, thankfully, most of the common home-invading spiders in Phoenix and the surrounding areas are harmless.

However, there are two species native to the area that can cause significant harm to humans: the black widow and the brown recluse. Danger aside, even nuisance spider species can be scary to have around because of their appearance, and they aren’t welcome houseguests either.

To assist you in protecting your home from these freaky pests, we’ve created a handy guide to help you identify spiders and prevent them.

Common Phoenix Spiders

While there are over 15 spider species found in Arizona, there are only a handful of species likely to become a problem. Here are the most common spiders in the area how you can tell them apart:

  • Black widow: Possibly the most notorious spider around, the black widow is jet black with a red hourglass marking on its underbelly. They have venom that is potent enough to lead to hospitalization and, in rare cases, death.

  • Brown recluse: This species is the only other dangerous spider in the area. It can be difficult to tell the brown recluse apart from other spiders, but they do have a violin-shaped marking behind their heads. They are a tan to light brown color.

  • American house spider: This spider creates erratic, messy cobwebs wherever it goes. The American house spider has a bulbous body and is a tan and brown mottled color.

  • Banded garden spider: You can identify this species easily because they are black with bright white bands around their bellies. They usually live in gardens and have striped legs.

Preventing Spiders And Their Prey

Unlike many pests that come indoors in search of shelter, spiders enter a home while hunting their prey. So, an increase in spiders around your property is usually a sign that you have other pest problems. By following general pest prevention tips, you can help deter both spiders and their pest prey. You should start by:

  • Focusing on proper food storage such as storing both pet and people food in airtight containers

  • Clearing away clutter both around your yard and inside your home

  • Removing any old webs

  • Taking out the trash often and putting lids on indoor and outdoor garbage cans

  • Reducing moisture issues by fixing leaky pipes and faucets as both spiders and pests thrive in humid environments

  • Keeping kitchens cleaned which includes wiping up spills and doing dishes soon after they are used

A Few More Spider Prevention Steps

Addressing the root causes of a spider invasion is overall the most effective way to keep them away from your home, but you can also keep spiders out by removing ways they can get inside. You should focus first on doors and windows by fixing broken screens, installing weather stripping, and placing door sweeps.   Next, look around the walls and foundation of your house for any holes or crevices. You should fill up any cracks with caulk or other materials. Lastly, consider placing mesh screens over air vents.

Where To Find Reliable Spider Control

No matter what kind of spider species you’re dealing with around your Phoenix home, the professionals at Green Home Pest Control can remove them and keep them from coming back. With ongoing residential pest control assistance, you can protect yourself and your family from both nuisance and dangerous spiders.   As a family-owned company that provides eco-friendly services, we are committed to providing the best in pest control while keeping you, your pets, and everyone around you safe. Find out more by giving us a call at (480) 525-7378.

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