While having any spider in your home may be unsettling, it becomes even more treacherous if you’re dealing with a dangerous species. But , and how can you tell them apart from other local spider species?

Spider Types In Mesa

For Mesa residents, there are a couple of common (but harmless) :

  • Daddy-Long-Legs. Known for their long legs, daddy long-leg spiders aren’t a danger to humans and stick to eating dead insects and other vegetative matter.
  • House Spider. As their name suggests, house spiders are usually encountered indoors, but they’re only a threat to bugs or other insects that may also be in your home.
  • Wolf Spider. While their large size may be intimidating, wolf spiders are fast-moving hunters that usually don’t bite humans and aren’t dangerous.
  • Garden Spider. Unsurprisingly, you’re most likely to find garden spiders hunting their prey in your garden or other flowering plants, but occasionally, they may make their way inside.

Along with the above species, Mesa also has a few . Here’s what you need to understand about telling a dangerous spider apart from a harmless one and what to do if you’ve got a spider problem in your home or on your property.

Are There Dangerous Spiders In Mesa?

You may not realize it, but all spiders actually possess two fangs and venom, including the harmless ones. Their venom glands and fangs make it easier for spiders to hunt and kill prey. However, here in Mesa, only two species are dangerous enough to threaten humans: the black widow and the brown recluse.

How To Identify Dangerous Spiders In Mesa

For Mesa residents, it’s crucial to know and be able to tell venomous spiders apart from harmless ones. While harmless spiders may still bite if they feel threatened, getting a bite from a brown recluse or a black widow requires immediate medical attention. Of the two, are easier to identify because they’ve got glossy, black bodies and a signature red hourglass shape on their bellies. Brown recluses, however, tend to get misidentified. You can tell a brown recluse spider by their dark brown bodies and the violin pattern on their cephalothorax. Brown recluse spiders also only have six eyes; spiders with eight eyes are often misidentified as the brown recluse. If you believe that you’ve been bitten by a black widow or a brown recluse spider, you must seek medical attention right away. Black widows create a potent venom that affects your nervous system, while a brown recluse bite can cause tissue death.

What To Do If You Have Unwanted Spiders In Your Mesa Home

Regardless of whether it’s a harmful or harmless species, any spider problem is an unwanted one. If you’re constantly spotting spiders around your home or you’ve discovered a black widow or brown recluse infestation on your property, you shouldn’t try to get rid of these critters on your own—leave it up to the professionals like those of us at Green Home Pest Control. Our experienced professionals can help you regain control of your Mesa home and property. We use environmentally friendly, safe, and effective pest control treatments to eliminate spiders and the prey they hunt. If you think you’re having trouble with spiders, contact us at Green Home Pest Control for .

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