Wolf spiders may not be the most pleasant pests to see , but they are not the most dangerous ones to encounter. Read on to learn more about the potential dangers of finding wolf spiders around your home or business.

Are Wolf Spiders Dangerous?

Among the many , wolf spiders are some of the most frightening to encounter, mostly due to their appearance, making individuals think they are some of the more dangerous spiders around. However, despite their large size, hairy legs, and tan coloration, these spiders are not significant threats to either pets or people. In fact, among the many different kinds of spiders, wolf spiders are some of the most likely to keep to themselves.

Unlike other spiders, wolf spiders will make their home in dark, secluded areas, and use their webs to line these shelters instead of using them to catch their prey. To acquire food, wolf spiders will use their size and speed to hunt down insects; this method of hunting combined with the fact that wolf spiders are generally solitary arachnids is what earned them their name.

Are Wolf Spiders Aggressive?

Though wolf spiders can be scary to encounter, especially for those with arachnophobia, these spiders aren’t aggressive. They prefer to keep to themselves and will instead remain outdoors in their nests. In general, the only reason wolf spiders find themselves indoors is if they are pursuing pest prey and end up inside your home or business. , cockroaches, beetles, or other insects invading your property, you may also have a larger wolf spider problem.

When coming upon a wolf spider on your property, you are unlikely to receive a bite unless you directly threaten and interfere with this pest. Even if you do receive a bite, it is unlikely to cause any serious issues and will not transfer any harmful venom. That said, if you have symptoms of an allergic reaction after an accidental wolf spider bite, you should seek medical attention immediately.

How To Keep Wolf Spiders Away

There are a few prevention tips that you can follow if you want to .

  • Keep your yard free of clutter and the grass trimmed low to help to reduce outdoor hiding spots for wolf spiders. You may also want to remove tree stumps and woodpiles and clear out outdoor sheds regularly.
  • Make sure that food and trash around your home are properly stored or disposed of promptly to reduce pest prey which can bring wolf spiders into your house.
  • Fix areas of moisture and leaks on your your property. Wolf spiders and their pest prey are attracted to pools of moisture. You should also ensure that you have proper ventilation throughout your home or business to reduce damp areas.

In addition to these prevention tips, if you want to know how to keep wolf spiders away from your Gilbert property permanently, your best bet is to contact the professionals at Green Home Pest Control. Our experts will provide you with that keep wolf spiders and their pest prey out of your home or business, so you don’t have to fear encountering these unsightly pests any longer.

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