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How Bad Is It To Have Bees On My Tempe Property?

A commonly searched question on the internet is how to control bees in your yard. Here in Tempe, there are many kinds of bees and wasps that we might run into, and each can be dangerous. Below are some of the reasons it is essential to seek professional help when you have a bee problem:

  • Stings: While this is obvious, it is terrible to have bees on your Tempe property because they are likely to sting you. These stings are often painful, even if it’s just one bee, and swarms can be deadly.
  • Allergic reactions: Some people have allergic reactions to bee stings. While some luck out with a mild response, others could go into anaphylactic shock, which can be deadly if you do not seek immediate medical treatment.
  • Property damage: Bees and wasps like to build their nests in inconvenient places like fence posts, ground holes, or eaves. These nests can damage your property if they are left there too long.

You, your family, and your pets are at risk of suffering a bee swarm if you have a hive on your property. At Green Home Pest Control, we pride ourselves on being able to remove bees without anyone getting hurt. Reach out today to request a quote. 

The Problem With Carpenter Bees In Tempe

Much like termites, carpenter bees can cause significant damage to your Tempe property. Below are some of the reasons you need to seek professional help if you have a carpenter bee infestation:

  • Structural damage: If left untreated, a carpenter bee infestation can cost you thousands of dollars worth of damage as they nest in the wooden boards of your home. At worst, they can compromise the structural integrity of your establishment and cause safety concerns.
  • Stinging: Carpenter bees as a whole are not particularly aggressive. In fact, male carpenter bees don’t even have stingers. However, the females will sting you and your family if they feel threatened. These stings are painful and can cause allergic reactions in some people. Unfortunately, you could get stung simply by walking by a wood board where these pests have built their nest.

Green Home Pest Control technicians are experts at identifying carpenter bee infestations and removing them before they have the chance to cause significant damage. Don’t let these bees get the best of your property. Call us now for carpenter bee prevention services!

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How To Exterminate Bees In Your Tempe Home

Again, the question: “how to control bees in your yard” is common, as bees that end up in the home start in the yard. While it takes a pest control professional to remove a hive efficiently, there are some things everyone can do to prevent them from showing up in the first place:

  • Fill in all holes in the ground: Since some bees will build nests in the ground, go around your yard and fill up any holes with soil or gravel to discourage them.
  • Remove organic debris from your yard: By removing all the logs, stumps, and leaf litter from your yard, you are taking away more places bees might try to nest.
  • Check your garbage bins: Take a look at the state of your garbage bins. If they have holes or the lids don’t fit properly, it’s time to get new ones. Securing your garbage is a crucial step to controlling the bees around your home.
  • Don’t overplant flowers: While flower beds are quite lovely, having too much flowering vegetation can attract more bees to your yard. 

A Green Home Pest Control technician will help you implement prevention strategies unique to your home and situation, maximizing their value. If you aren’t sure what’s attracting the bees, let us help you find out. Contact us to get started. 

Will Pest Control Get Rid Of Bees? (Tempe Exterminators)

Green Home Pest Control provides various specialty services for Tempe homeowners, including bee removal and control. Our technicians are highly skilled and fully trained to identify any bee infestation. We quickly remove these pests before they harm you or your family and want to help you enjoy your yard without the fear of being stung. Call us today if bees have taken over! 

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