While there are that can cause property damage, the termite is the worst of them all. These small insects eat through wooden structures, and they often go unnoticed for long periods of time allowing them to cause extensive destruction. In fact, the average homeowner with a termite infestation will spend $3,000 in home repairs.

as they are adept at hiding and usually live inside of walls, under floors, or other out of sight areas. However, it is possible to find a termite around your home, especially during their reproductive season, so knowing what they look like can help you identify termites quickly if you do find one around your property. How a termite looks varies based on what position they hold in their caste system. The termite workers and soldiers are a cream color and do not have wings. However, the termite swarmers, who leave the nest to reproduce and expand the colony, are dark brown or black with translucent wings. All termites have six legs and long, narrow bodies.

The Five Main Signs Of A Termite Infestation

While some homeowners may see termite swarmers, they are rarely the first sign of a termite infestation. Knowing other signs can help you identify termites sooner and reduce the amount of damage they can do. There are the five most common signs that you’re dealing with termites:

  • Termites can be loud if you know what to listen for. They often produce a soft clicking noise, but you can also listen for buzzing or rattling sounds inside walls.
  • Look for termite droppings that appear as a dark powder or small black marks.
  • Keep an eye out for discarded termite wings that are a pale white color.
  • One of the most prevalent signs of termites is noticing damage around your property. Termite damage can look like water damage, peeling paint, and discolored drywall.
  • Termite damage is most apparent around wooden structures and items. Check for tight-fitting doors and windows, small holes in wood and drywall, and buckling floorboards.

How To Prevent Termites

If you haven’t noticed any signs of an infestation, now is a great time to take preventive measures. You can save yourself a lot of stress, time, and money by . Here are the most effective prevention steps:

  • Limit soil to wood contact by placing a barrier between the soil and your home’s foundation.
  • Remove any water damaged wood from your property and store firewood away from the exterior of your home.
  • Address humidity issues by repairing leaky pipes and faucets. Use dehumidifiers if your home has excess moisture.
  • Get preventative help from pest control professionals.

What Should You Do If You See Signs Of Termites?

If you have seen termites or , trying to remove them on your own is almost always a waste of time and money. These destructive pests are extremely difficult to eliminate without help. The most effective way to get rid of a termite infestation is with help from Green Home Pest Control. Our are extensive and include liquid termite treatments that create a barrier around the foundation of your home. To get started, or request a free quote, give us a call today at 480-696-5007.

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