The incessant chirping of cricket is enough to make anyone want to bust out their biggest shoe and find the culprits. Instead of being reactive, there are more organic ways to be proactive so those pesky little musicians keep the music in their own backyard.

First of all, there are usually reasons behind a cricket deciding to move in with you. There may be some cold, dark, or damp areas in your house that they prefer. You might have nearby garbage dumps, wild bushes, or maybe your house could use a good cleaning. Whatever the reason, they can be pesky by chewing holes in clothing and furniture and you probably don’t want crickets as roommates. There are a few natural ways to get rid of these pests or you can consult with a , from Green Home Pest Control.

Dogs, Cats, And Other Pets

A cat or dog might just be the solution to get rid of your cricket problem. Cats and dogs naturally want to catch these hopping insects, so it is a win-win for everyone. Birds are another great predator of the cricket, so putting up a bird feeder outside your house could attract some feathered friends that might find the crickets to be a treat.

Outdoor Landscape

Keeping a manicured lawn is one other way to . A trimmed lawn can help to encourage crickets to stay away because it leaves them without a food source and discourages them from setting up a more permanent residence in your yard. Furthermore, there are some plants that discourage crickets and other bugs so you might want to include these in your outdoor landscaping.


Bugs love the light, which is why they might congregate by your doors in the evenings. They are attracted to the warm glow of porch lights and seem to think it’s an open invitation to your home. LED lighting or amber lights are a good replacement for the traditional bulbs and won’t readily attract bugs.

Diatomaceous Earth

Algae skeletons are what make up diatomaceous earth and it is a great way to rid your house of these pests without harming pets or people. It works by scraping the insects, which leads to a lack of moisture for the crickets and they eventually die. It is in powder form so you can put the powder in areas where you have found crickets.


Crickets need moisture to thrive and survive. If you get rid of the moisture in your home, then you will get rid of the crickets. Crawl spaces, basements, and attics are usually great places for crickets to hang out because it is dark and moist. Use a dehumidifier to decrease the humidity in these spaces.

Seal Your Home

It makes sense that a well-sealed home will keep crickets out. Make sure areas around doors and windows are sealed well and replace any weather stripping or caulking that has seen better days. Remember to check the foundation too and fill in any cracks. Screens are also helpful in keeping crickets out.

Molasses-Not Just for Your Oatmeal

You aren’t the only one who might like the taste of molasses. Crickets love the sticky sweet substance and will find their way into open jars. Make a mixture of 1 cup molasses and 10 cups of water and put it in jars around your house. Just make sure to empty the jars whenever you find dead crickets. You may also want to use an alternative to this method if you have pets or small children.

Sticky Traps

Sticky traps or glue boards that are normally used to catch mice will also work to catch crickets. Just put them in areas where there is moisture and you will soon see a cricket pileup and maybe even a few other insect surprises.

Using a may also be a good idea because they have the knowledge and experience to treat the problem. Call Green Home Pest Control today.

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