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Four Common Ants Found In Anthem Homes

Anthem homeowners may encounter ants on their properties during the year, but not all ants are the same. Here are four common species of ants in Anthem and what you need to know about them: 

  1. Odorous house ant: This small ant enters homes in search of sweet foods and will use plumbing voids and foundational flaws to find its meals. Odorous house ants are not a health hazard and get their name from the smell they make when they get crushed. 

  2. Pavement ant: The pavement ant gets its name from where it builds its colonies, so residents might find mounds in their sidewalks and driveways. They are not harmful, but can dig up to 30 feet below the ground and cause structural damage. 

  3. Argentine ant: Residents may have a tough time spotting Argentine ants without a magnifying glass because they are so small. These ants reproduce rapidly and are known for their ability to travel great distances. 

  4. Rover ant: The rover ant has reddish-brown coloring and looks for sources of water to survive, which can cause these ants to swarm homes. They may take up shelter around pipes, plumbing, and irrigation systems.

At Green Home Pest Control, we provide local homeowners with comprehensive ant control that protects homes from a wide variety of ants. We perform detailed inspections to understand how ants are getting inside homes, and then we build a customized treatment plan to address them. This usually involves spot treatments and laying eco-friendly granular bait outside. For more information on our ant services, please call us today.

Are These Ants Around My Anthem Home Dangerous?

While ants are the most common nuisance pest in Anthem, there are more dangerous species that you might come across in or around your Anthem home. Some of the more harmful species that you should be aware of include:

  • Southern fire ant: This species gets its name from its unmistakable coloring, so if you see them, beware. The southern fire ant typically lives below ground and produces a mound that you can see. They travel back and forth with food, but if you disrupt them, these highly aggressive ants can deliver a very painful sting, which may incite serious allergic reactions. 
  • Carpenter ant: The carpenter ant is on the larger side of the species and is a combination of black and brown coloring. They burrow inside of wood, which causes damage similar to termites, which can create a dangerous situation for your house over time. 
  • Harvester ant: These big reddish-brown ants get their name from the way they look for their food, so you might come across them while they’re on the hunt. They are highly defensive and can deliver very painful stings if they feel that you’ve provoked them. 

For more information on Arizona ant control for dangerous species, contact Green Home Pest Control today.

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Ant Control Methods & Products In Anthem

Most ants find their way to Anthem properties in search of food and water, which means that keeping them away involves some very significant habit changes. Here are some of the most reliable methods and products that can help reduce the presence of ants for homeowners:

  • Look for openings. Ants find their way inside of homes because of small gaps and cracks as well as issues with foundations. Give a thorough look at windows and doors and fill spaces with weatherstripping. If there are crevices in a foundation, fill them with caulk. 
  • Be diligent about food. Most species of ants come in search of food, whether it’s sweet and syrupy or meaty and oily. Store food in sealed containers, clean up crumbs and food residue thoroughly, clean out pantry and fridge drawers regularly, and take out the trash often. 
  • Don’t be a drip. One of the key factors that attracts ants and keeps them around is the presence of a water source and they aren’t fussy. Be sure to always turn off sinks and bathtubs, eliminate condensation build-up, and fix leaks. 
  • Bring in the pros. The most reliable way to keep a home free from ants is with recurring professional treatments from a trusted pest expert.

For more information on our ant and pest control services in Anthem contact Green Home Pest Control today. 

Best Ant Control Company In Anthem

When it comes to dealing with ants, there is no company more well suited for the task than Green Home Pest Control. We are a locally owned company that specializes in providing Anthem homeowners with eco-friendly ant control solutions. All of our technicians are highly trained and well versed in the various species of ants that live in the area, and they will also always be on time and courteous.

We offer ant services either as a pest-specific service or as part of a customized comprehensive program, both of which entail ongoing maintenance. The botanically derived products that we use are kid and pet-friendly, as it’s our goal to solve pest problems as responsibly as possible.

For more information on eliminating and preventing ants in your Anthem home, contact us today.

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