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Warning Signs Of Bed Bugs In Anthem

Bed bugs are tricky pests to spot because they usually live inside of furniture or furniture items, but here are some of the warning signs that might indicate an infestation:

  • Waking up covered in little red bumps that usually are clustered in groups or lines
  • Egg capsules, eggshells, and nymphs around bedroom or living room furniture
  • Adult bed bugs that are alive or dead
  • A very unpleasant potent smell
  • Smear stains on bed linens that are from bed bug feces
  • Blood stains on sheets that occur when you squish bed bugs

If you notice any of the aforementioned signs, the best move you can make is to contact the team at Green Home Pest Control. We will locate the entirety of your bed bug infestation along with our canine companions and perform room-by-room treatments with either liquid or heat treatments that are eco-friendly and kid-safe. For more information on our bed bug removal services, please call us today.

Why So Many Bed Bugs In Anthem?

If you’ve ever wondered why there are so many bed bugs in the Anthem area, there are a few reasons that might explain why exactly. To start, bed bugs are parasites that require human blood to survive. They prefer warm blood for their meals, so bed bugs can survive wherever there are people. This fact makes public places like offices, nursing homes, restaurants, and hotels potential breeding grounds for bed bug outbreaks. Additionally, businesses have so much foot traffic, between patrons and employees, that the spread of these parasites can happen and be completely undetected.

Typically, bed bugs feed less and go into a semi-hibernation when temperatures cool down; however, in Anthem, temperatures are warm throughout the year, so bed bugs usually still require their thrice-weekly meals. Another reason why there are so many bed bugs is that the average female lays approximately seven eggs a day for ten days after she’s eaten and can produce 250 eggs in her lifetime.

At Green Home Pest Control, we know how determined bed bugs in Anthem are and how difficult it is for the average homeowner to eliminate them, which is why we provide comprehensive bed bug solutions that use eco-friendly botanical products and abide by Integrated Pest Management methods. Each of our bed bug treatments comes with a satisfaction guarantee, so contact us today for more information.

a bed bug biting human skin

Bed Bug Prevention Is Possible In Anthem

While bed bugs thrive wherever there are people, preventing them is possible with a few crucial steps. For Anthem residents looking to avoid bed bug outbreaks, try the following tips:

  • Be conscientious with personal belongings. Bed bugs can exist wherever there are people, so proceed with caution when spending time in public and always check personal effects before going home. Places like theaters, buses, schools, and hospitals are very common areas for bed bugs to lurk.
  • Decorate with caution. One of the most common ways that bed bugs spread is when people take home used furniture like couches, ottomans, and mattresses that are infested. Before doing so, ask about their prior whereabouts and check for bed bug activity. 
  • Seal up openings. If residents live in apartment buildings or multi-unit housing then it can be very easy to develop an outbreak if there is a neighbor with one. Use door sweeps and affix weatherstripping to loose windows.
  • Seek professional help. When you partner with a pest control company like Green Home Pest Control, you will benefit from a pest-free guarantee on bed bugs after initial services and also receive prevention tips and support toward potential future issues. 

For more information on bed bug prevention and our pest control services in Anthem, contact Green Home Pest Control today.

Anthem Pest Control Pros On How To Stay Bed Bug-Free

Bed bug problems can put a damper on daily life in Anthem, but with a little bit of professional assistance, there is a path to pest-free living. At Green Home Pest Control, it’s our mission to provide the highest-quality and safest bed bug solutions. Each of our technicians is well versed in bed bugs and receives ongoing training so that we are always providing the most up-to-date service. Additionally, the types of treatments and practices that we utilize are based on the guidelines of Integrated Pest Management (IPM). This is our secret tool when it comes to bed bugs because these systems are designed to deliver long-lasting, pest-free results by emphasizing structural modifications and education on prevention. By following IPM standards, we can also ensure that all of the products we use are low impact, eco-friendly, organic, and botanically based.

The bed bug control process begins with a room-by-room inspection, which allows us to understand the scope of an infestation and how it’s being fed. We offer three types of services to eliminate and prevent bed bugs, which are liquid treatments that spot treat areas like headboards, heat treatments that target all life stages of bed bugs with minimal impact, and preventive treatments like mattress encasements, all of which are guaranteed.

For more information on creating a bed bug-free home in Anthem, contact us today.

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