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How Bad Is It To Have Bees On My Anthem Property?

While bees in Anthem are usually regarded as helpful members of nature, you might not always want them hanging around your property. The level of threat does vary from species to species. For example, bumble bees are not a serious threat to your health; however, honey bees can be deadly. That said, bumble bees are still capable of stinging you if you threaten their colony, but the allergic reactions you can suffer from are typically not as severe. Honey bees, however, can chase you for miles and swarm very swiftly, so it is very bad to have them on your property. The carpenter bee is more of an issue for your home or building than it is for your well-being because it’s their mission to eat through wood. All bees should be treated with care and concern because you might not always be able to quickly identify them and the risks are simply not worth it.

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