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Most Common Rodents Found in Anthem

Anthem homeowners can expect to encounter rodents of different types around their property, and each has its unique characteristics that are important to note.

Here are three of the most prevalent types of rodents in Anthem:

  • Rats: These rodents are larger than mice and vary in color and specific appearance based on their species. Rats have long hairless tails, and large eyes, and use their hands frequently. They are also very skilled climbers and are associated with rat-bite fever, leptospirosis, and hantavirus.
  • Mice: While mice might look like some rats, they are usually much smaller in appearance and are not associated with all of the same health risks. They are usually light brown and have long slender tails that are covered in fuzz. Mice are capable of sneaking through dime-sized openings.
  • Gophers: The Arizona pocket gopher is shaped like a potato and has prominent oversized front teeth. They are usually a dusty brown color and are known for the damage that they cause to yards via their mounds. Like other rodents, gophers can also carry and spread parasites.

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