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Bed bugs are a widespread pest problem for Buckeye residents because they are parasites that travel around the area without being detected. It’s very easy for residents to encounter bed bugs any time they’re in public, and getting rid of these pest problems can prove tricky for a variety of factors. Green Home Pest Control provides pest control in Buckeye for homeowners who require it. In the meantime, we hope that the following guide is helpful in your understanding of these issues.

Five Ways You Could Be Wrong About Buckeye Bed Bugs

Bed bug issues are something that can happen throughout the year, and while these are common scenarios, there are certain ways you could be wrong about them.

Here are five of them:
  1. Bed bugs only live in dirty places.
  2. If I had a bed bug problem, I would know it.
  3. I can’t bring bed bugs into my own home.
  4. There are no smells that bed bugs don’t like.
  5. I can get rid of my bed bug infestation on my own.

While bed bugs in Buckeye can thrive in dirty places, they survive wherever they have access to human blood, which they need to survive. It’s also possible that if you were dealing with a bed bug infestation, you wouldn’t necessarily know it because they’re nocturnal and live inside couches and mattresses. You can also bring bed bugs into your home through infested items like used furniture. Bed bugs can also jump from neighbor to neighbor. There are also many smells that bed bugs don’t like, such as garlic, citronella, and various herbs. Rather than try to eliminate these issues on your own, trust the team at Green Home Pest Control with bed bug control instead.