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Bee Removal In Buckeye, AZ

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Buckeye homeowners are likely to encounter bees on their property, along with other stinging insects, and because of their unpredictability, they can prove dangerous. At Green Home Pest Control, we work around the clock to protect our community from the potential threats they pose with reliable services that are also safe for the environment. If you'd like more information on our services, please visit our bee control page, and to better understand bees and the role they play, please enjoy the following guide. 

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What Every Buckeye Homeowner Needs To Know About Bees

Though bees are a very common pest in the Buckeye area, there are still many things that homeowners ought to know about them but don't. Here are some of the most important things to note about bees:

  • Bees are social pests, which means that where there is one bee, there are usually many. They are not solitary; their hives usually contain many workers and drones in addition to their queen. 

  • While bees are not overly aggressive, they will sting people who disturb them, which can result in serious allergic reactions. 

  • Bees will nest in various places, including high up in trees, along the sides of homes, and even underground. 

  • Though bees are considered dangerous, they are also one of the most important pollinators in the area. Bright colors, flowers, and sweet fruits may draw them to a property. 

  • Safe bee removal and hive relocation are possible with the help of a pest control specialist. 

For more information on the bees in Buckeye, call Green Home Pest Control today. 

How Bad Is It To Have Bees On My Buckeye Property?

Most people fear stinging insects because of the potential to get stung and the potential allergic reactions that can result from these incidents. While stinging insects, like hornets and wasps, are generally more aggressive and territorial than bees are, you still don't want to have a hive on your property. Bees are pests that get very easily spooked by loud or sudden noises. Actions like running a lawn mower or even closing a trash bin too loudly can cause bees to swarm from their hive. When bees swarm, they can chase individuals for approximately a quarter of a mile and reach speeds of 15 miles per hour while doing so. When bees sting, the allergic reactions can vary from person to person, but they usually begin with a very painful pinching feeling and a welt at the sting site. Some side effects of bee stings include a rapid pulse, difficulty swallowing and breathing, fainting, nausea, and a body full of hives. For complete protection from bees in Buckeye, call Green Home Pest Control today.

The Key To Effective Bee Control In Buckeye

Rather than allow bees to take over Buckeye properties, the key to effective bee control is professional services from pest experts like the team at Green Home Pest Control. Our highly trained pest technicians are ready to deal with the pests on your property and will begin by performing a highly comprehensive inspection of your home. Our attention to detail and dedication to safety drives everything we do, and these assessments are a key part of that journey. We also need to evaluate your property to understand what's attracting bees in order to develop a specific treatment plan for you. Because we follow Integrated Pest Management guidelines, everything we do is to eliminate your infestation at the root cause and prevent future issues from developing. We use eco-friendly products and offer services like hive relocation. We also provide honeycomb removal and clean-up services, sealing up homes and filling in voids to protect you from future issues. For more information on bee control in Buckeye, call us today.

What's Attracting Bees To My Buckeye Home?

Bees are frequent visitors to certain homes around Buckeye, but certain factors make specific properties more enticing than others. Because bees are a key part of the local and global ecosystem, it's no surprise that one of their biggest attractant factors is the presence of blooming flowers. Bees are one of the most important pollinators around, and they are easily drawn in by the promise of annual flowers as well as zinnias, sunflowers, and verbena. You may also find bees around your home because of the fruit discarded from your trees and rotting on the ground. These sweet items are akin to the flowers that bees like, which can create bigger issues for you. Lastly, bees assess homes for easy access points and ideal conditions to build their hives. If your property has overgrown harborage areas and hiding spots amidst shrubs and bushes, you might discover bees have taken to these areas. To make your home unappealing to bees with bee prevention in Buckeye, call Green Home Pest Control today. 

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