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a cluster of termite swarmers

May 12, 2022

The Struggle With Dealing With Termite Swarmers In Chandler

Have you been seeing termite swarms around your Chandler home? Find out more about these damaging pests and how to keep them away from your home for good. Read More

a subterranean termite crawling on wood

May 10, 2022

How To Keep Termites Away From Your Chandler Property

Two different types of termites could be causing damage to your Chandler property. Learn how to identify them and the best means of prevention. Read More

a mosquito biting human skin

May 06, 2022

Is Wearing A Face Mask A Way To Protect Against Mosquitoes In Phoenix?

Mosquitoes cause itchy bites and fatal diseases. If mosquitoes have taken over your Phoenix property, reach out to Green Home Pest Control to help control ... Read More

a scorpion crawling on a rock ready to sting

May 03, 2022

The Scorpions In Phoenix Can Be A Real Pain

Scorpions can cause painful stings to you and your pets that may require medical intervention. Learn how to recognize them and how to get rid of them. Read More

yellow jacket wasp

May 01, 2022

How To Identify And Deter Yellow Jackets In Scottsdale

Bees are valuable members of the ecosystem, but having an abundance of yellow jackets on your Scottsdale property may prove problematic. Read More

dog tick crawling on skin

May 01, 2022

What To Do If You’ve Been Bitten By A Tick In Chandler?

Tick bites are disgusting and potentially dangerous. If a tick bites you in Chandler, follow this guide to know what to do next. Read More

several fire ants

Apr 30, 2022

Are Fire Ants In Chandler Something To Be Worried About?

Fire ants are like tiny hornets without wings. Learn how Green Home Pest Control can help you avoid their stings and keep them away from your Chandler prop... Read More

a black spider crawling on a paper towel

Apr 28, 2022

Eco-Friendly Ways To Keep Spiders Away From Your Scottsdale Home

Spiders are vital to the ecosystems in our area, but not vital to your Scottsdale home! Learn what you can do to keep them off your property. Read More

pavement ants crawling on a driveway

Apr 26, 2022

Are You Struggling With Pavement Ants In Tuscon?

Pavement ants may not be the most dangerous ants, but you still want to keep these stinging pests away. Learn how to prevent these pests from your Tuscon h... Read More

a pigeon on the edge of a rock

Apr 24, 2022

Tucson Homeowners Complete Guide To Pigeon Control

Pigeon infestations need to be dealt with urgently. Green Home Pest Control can help you get rid of them and protect your Tucson home. Read More

a clean residential kitchen

Apr 22, 2022

What Tucson Residents Should Know About Pest Control

There is a long list of pests that can invade your home. Learn the problems local pests cause and how to get rid of them at your Tuscon home. Read More

up close image of large termite

Apr 20, 2022

How Hard Is It To Treat Termites In Scottsdale Yourself?

Have you have a potential termite infestation on your property? Contacting a local pest control professional is critical to preventing costly property dama... Read More


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