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All The Problems Cockroaches Bring To Tempe Homes

January 27, 2021

When it comes to creepy, crawly, revolting bugs, cockroaches are some of the worst. They hang out in gross places before they skitter across our countertops, exposing us to nasty germs and worse. That’s why every Tempe homeowner must learn how cockroach infestations get started and how problematic they can really be.

Cockroaches In Tempe: What To Know

There are a whole lot of different species of cockroaches, especially out in the desert where they can remain active outdoors throughout the year. However, all cockroaches will be attracted to invade homes and businesses in search of food, water, and shelter from predators. In Tempe, there are four species to look out for:

  • German Cockroaches : The most common invasive species in the world, German cockroaches are noted for their dark dash marks behind their heads.
  • American Cockroaches : We covered the most abundant, but how about the biggest? Everything’s bigger in America, right? So it’s easy to remember that the largest invasive cockroach is the American cockroach.
  • Oriental Cockroach : Another large species of cockroach, Oriental cockroaches are noted for their dark black color, as opposed to the lighter brown of others.
  • Brown-Banded Cockroach : On the smaller end of the spectrum, brown-banded cockroaches can squeeze into even tighter areas than other species, which is saying something since many varieties can flatten their bodies to slip through cracks.

Roaches Are Common Invaders

No matter which kind of cockroach you’re talking about, they are all common invaders of yards and homes. Despite what people like to think, pests like cockroaches aren’t just a problem for dirty or cluttered properties. They are attracted by the things that accompany human activity everywhere: food, water, and structures to nest in. While dirty homes do provide more things for cockroaches to take advantage of, like food scraps or trash, cockroaches can survive on very little. That means no homeowner should be complacent when it comes to the dangers of a cockroach infestation. Just about any property can be targeted.

The Dangers Of A Cockroach Problem

It’s important to watch out for signs of pest activity, like sudden inexplicable bite marks or stains caused by droppings. Even a faint odor can be an early clue that cockroaches or some other kind of pest have invaded. Acting on this early evidence helps limit the following real cockroach dangers:

  • Disease : Cockroaches are known to carry diseases like salmonella and plague. People and pets can be exposed through direct contact or by coming into contact with their fecal matter or urine.
  • Damage : Cockroaches can chew through packaging to contaminate food, not to mention leave stains all around your walls and floors.
  • Proliferation : A pest problem quickly grows out of control, which is why prompt solutions by experts who know what they’re doing is the best way to eliminate the population and the problems it’s causing.

Contact The Pros Right Away: Green Home Pest Control

Because any property can fall victim to cockroaches, the smart course of action is to protect your home from invasive pests long before they are even a problem. Early prevention is key and partnering with local pest experts offers you the best overall protection. Rather than trying DIY methods or springing for costly products that might not even work, turn directly to the professionals. At Green Home Pest Control, our safe and fast-acting treatments can eliminate cockroaches -- even preventing future infestations. It all starts with an inspection of your property, which determines your level of risk. Don’t wait to get started on proper protection for your Tempe home, contact Green Home Pest Control today.