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Sometimes Birds In Chandler Are Very Useful, But Sometimes Not

Many of us love bird watching, so we may do what we can to attract them to our homes here in Chandler. We do this by building birdhouses, putting out bird food, and maybe even erecting a birdbath in our garden. We enjoy watching these beautiful creatures, and we appreciate the fact that they eat the insects in our yards, providing free, natural, and eco-friendly pest control. However, because Chandler is such a large city, this can also lure nuisance birds, like pigeons. And while pigeons might be cute, they can bring in a whole host of problems you did not sign up for.

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Types of Nuisance Birds in Chandler

Unfortunately for Chandler residents, pigeons aren't the only nuisance pest birds that commonly invade yards.

Below are some of the types of birds you're most likely to find causing problems here:

  • Feral pigeons : These birds are the most common and are blue or gray, with iridescent feathers on their head and neck. They are comfortable roosting almost anywhere, especially in man-made structures, and cause property damage wherever they go.
  • Sparrows : These little brown birds are highly adaptable and will roost anywhere and survive off scraps left behind by Chandler residents. While not technically in the sparrow family, these nuisance pest birds are the number one threat to the native Arizona songbird population.
  • Starlings : They may have a cute name, but these black birds travel in large groups and tend to wreak havoc wherever they go. They are muscular birds, almost ten inches long, and uniquely adapted to survive in Chandler's urban environment.

The Problem With Nuisance Birds Around Your Chandler Property

While most birds contribute to the environment by eating insects, nuisance birds only cause problems.

Below are some of the common problems that these birds can cause on your property:

  • If any of these birds find your gutters appealing, they will build their nests in them, clogging them up and causing lots of extra work for you to remove them and get them cleaned up and working.
  • The excessive noise nuisance birds make is not the pleasant birdsong you sometimes wake up to as songbirds bathe in your garden's birdbath. These nuisance birds travel in large groups, squawking and filling the air with obnoxious noises that make it hard to focus or sleep.
  • The biggest problem with nuisance birds is probably the droppings left behind, especially by pigeons. Not only is it just disgusting, but bird droppings can spread harmful diseases to humans as well.
  • Nuisance birds can cause a lot of damage to your home by roosting in your eaves, flying into windows, and getting stuck in your chimneys if you have one.

The list of nuisance bird damage truly does go on and on. Here at Green Home Pest Control, our expert technicians have the training necessary to locate all the ways these birds can damage your home and implement unique prevention strategies that will be most effective for you and your situation.

The Best Form Of Bird Control For Your Chandler Property 

At Green Home Pest Control, customer satisfaction, happiness, and health are central to our operations. Natives to Chandler and the surrounding areas, we are experts on all the different types of problem birds here, and we undergo continuous training to better identify and exterminate these unwanted pests. If you are concerned about your property's well-being, don't wait; give us a call today! We will help you remove unwanted nuisance birds, as well as provide follow-up services to ensure they do not return. We believe that you can enjoy the beauty of native Arizona birds without risking damage to your home. Call us today for Chandler's most effective, safest, eco-friendly nuisance bird control!

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