Your commercial building in Phoenix might seem like it has the perfect location – but does that scenic spot also come with pigeons? If so, here’s what Phoenix business owners should know about whether they need professional help for pigeons, how they can deter pigeons, whether bird nets work, and the best form of bird and pest control in Phoenix.

Do I Need Professional Help With Pigeons On My Commercial Property?

Pigeons might seem like they’re easy to shoo away, but unfortunately, this is rarely the case. Pigeons are social birds that won’t just return to the same spots – they’ll also bring new friends with them each time. This is especially concerning for commercial properties that work with food, where it can be almost impossible to eliminate pigeon attractants.

Since commercial properties and businesses deal with customers and employees, having pigeons around for even short periods can drive businesses away. Customers may be less likely to visit your business if they’re afraid of getting harassed by pigeons, and since they carry diseases, pigeons could create an unsafe environment for everyone on the property.

Because of this, business owners don’t have a lot of time to waste when it comes to dealing with pigeons. Waiting too long or using ineffective DIY methods may only drive customers away, which is why it’s crucial to contact the pros for pigeon control in Phoenix.

Ways To Deter Pigeons In Phoenix

Along with using professional bird control for pigeons in Phoenix, here are some other ways that you can deter pigeons from your business:

  • Decoy kites: While it may not deter pigeons that have already become comfortable around your property, decoy kites function by using kite-shaped decoys that project a bird image. If nearby pigeons assume the area is already inhabited by another type of bird, they are unlikely to land.
  • Bird spikes: Bird spikes, or spike strips, are attachable spikes that you can place on roofs or other surfaces to prevent pigeons from perching and nesting around your property.
  • Bird gels: Bird gels are a type of sticky trap that you can place on surfaces where you don’t want pigeons landing. The sticky trap uses translucent material that the pigeon won’t see, but when they land, their feet get stuck and they have trouble breaking free. These traps don’t permanently trap pigeons, but once they struggle to get free, pigeons will be unlikely to land there again.

Along with the deterrents above, it’s also a good idea to limit attractions that may draw pigeons in – like excess food that’s sitting out or overflowing trash cans. Pigeons are especially drawn to properties that provide them with a food source. This can mean cleaning up after meals and cookouts, making sure employees regularly empty garbage cans, and even removing food scraps that end up in parking lots as well.

Do Bird Nets Keep Birds Away?

In addition to the tactics listed above, you can also use bird nets to keep pigeons away – but do they work? Bird netting has the same general idea as bird gels and bird spikes: it prevents pigeons from landing on certain surfaces.

Bird netting often uses mesh netting to create a barrier between rooftops and other surfaces where pigeons may land and nest, so they’ll be forced to fly elsewhere. Although bird netting does help keep birds away from certain surfaces, it’s not always enough to completely stop them from landing around other spots on your property. However, to truly keep birds and pigeons away, most commercial properties need a multi-faceted approach, and that means working with a professional pest control service.

Total Bird Control For Commercial Properties

Pigeons are persistent, and for many businesses in Phoenix, it may take several bird control methods to completely keep them away – which is why working with a commercial pest control company like Green Home Pest Control can be so beneficial. Pigeons can be detrimental to everyone’s health and may even drive potential customers away.

While we’ll use tactics to keep your Phoenix home pigeon-free, our treatments are also eco-friendly. We’ve got more than thirty years of experience combating pest birds like pigeons and putting plans in place to keep them away from commercial properties.

If you are seeing pigeons hanging around your business or think they might be trying to roost, don’t wait any longer – contact us today at Green Home Pest Control to learn more about how our commercial bird control works.

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