Have you found dead roaches in your place of business? This could be a sign of a big problem. One study found that for every roach you see inside, there could be 1,000 more lurking behind the walls. A roach infestation in your place of business can create an unseemly workplace, drive away customers, and can even cause health problems. If you find multiple dead roaches within a few days, you have a serious problem and should immediately contact a .

Ways To Eradicate Roaches In Phoenix, AZ

There are several things you can do to that are already living in your building and eradicate them. Setting glue or liquid traps throughout the building can not only kill off a few roaches, but it can give you an idea of how bad the problem is. The more roaches the traps are killing, the worse your problem is.

One effective natural trap is setting out containers with water and baking soda and placing a piece of bread in the middle. Vinegar and boric acid solutions can also be used in lieu of baking soda. Roaches will be attracted to the bread and then die in the solution. Sprinkling diatomaceous earth in areas that roaches like to hide can also be effective. Diatomaceous earth is a substance that is safe for humans and pets, but dangerous for roaches. You can also use catnip as a repellent (although this won’t kill any existing roaches.) These steps can be helpful, however, these steps are unlikely to remedy serious infestations on their own.

Preventative Measures For Phoenix Cockroaches

Most importantly, you should take preventative measures so that your roach problem doesn’t become worse. Cleanliness is especially important. Roaches love to eat bits of our food, so keeping a clean kitchen and cleaning food waste is imperative. Try to keep trash can lids closed so roaches can’t smell anything tempting inside.

Roaches can also be attracted to bits of paper and the dust and dirt that accumulates on our floors. Keeping the floors cleaned is also important because any small debris could be something that attracts roaches inside. And, roaches love to hide underneath things, so the fewer places you have for roaches to hide inside, the better.

You should also take care to seal gaps around walls, doors, and windows. Roaches can also come in through plumbing. Seal areas around toilets, bathtubs, and sinks as well. And, if you have a leaky faucet, fix it–you are attracting roaches to that water 24/7.

Green Home Pest Control Can Help

If you have taken preventative measures and employed some remedies yourself, but you’re still noticing a problem after several days, it’s time to call in the commercial pest control professionals. Green Home Pest Control offers high-quality products and has a well-trained staff. We do not rely on cheap, toxic pesticides. Our products We employ a smart, responsible approach, and offer fully green and organic pest control solutions. Our staff of is well-trained and state-certified, and we provide our service with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

If you find yourself with a cockroach problem or other pest problems, call us today. We can identify the extent of your problem and discuss your options with you. Ultimately, we can get roaches out of your business so you can get back to work without worrying about them. To learn more about our commercial pest control services in Phoenix including cockroach control, , and termite control, browse our website or get in touch with us today!

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