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Quality Pest Solutions For Fountain Hills, AZ

Located northeast of Phoenix, Fountain Hills is a town that is known for having one of the world’s largest water fountains and year-round outdoor recreation. The area has beautiful scenery and now includes over 50 miles of hiking and biking trails for enjoying nature. The region’s hills, mountains, rivers, and deserts are also home to significant wildlife, which unfortunately also includes many types of pests.

The Arizona Republic recently reported how residents in the surrounding urban areas are experiencing more property intrusions from pests.  In recent years, the summer heat has risen to record-breaking levels as rainfall has dramatically decreased. Pests such as rodents, ants, cockroaches, and scorpions seeking water sources and relief from the heat will be attracted to the area’s homes and businesses. 

Green Home Pest Control has spent years providing custom pest control services for over 10,000 homeowners and 2,000 businesses in the Fountain Hills region. Our team of professionals understands the types of pest control problems that plague this area and the most effective extermination strategies. We look forward to assisting you and encourage you to contact us today for a complimentary inspection. 

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Home Pest Control In Fountain Hills, AZ

When it comes to invasions from bothersome and potentially dangerous pests, homeowners must recognize the importance of proper maintenance.  The gutters should be checked and kept free of debris. Failing to maintain gutters can create the potential for accumulations of standing water where mosquitos thrive and water damage that generates openings in the home’s foundation. 

Any screens used in windows or ventilation areas should be closely inspected for damage that could allow insects and other pests to enter the home. This also applies to points of entry such as exterior doors where seals, caulking, and moldings tend to deteriorate over time. Shrubs, branches, and other vegetation should be trimmed back from the exterior walls and roof area of the home.

Our residential pest control experts understand the vulnerabilities that commonly exist throughout homes in this region resulting from their design, construction, and building materials. This knowledge allows us to identify the ways that pests are entering the premises and prevent them from ever returning. Contact us to get started with our effective home pest control solutions.

Commercial Pest Control In Fountain Hills, AZ

Business owners understand the potential consequences of failing to promptly eradicate pest infestations. This is one of the primary reasons that Green Home Pest Control has become a leading provider of commercial pest control services in the Fountain Hills region. Our professionals are responsive and work efficiently to ensure that the property is free of pests with little interruption to business operations. We have years of experience providing customized solutions for businesses both large or small, such as restaurants, medical centers, gaming facilities, golf courses, hotels, and countless others. We can implement an ongoing commercial pest control plan tailored specifically for your organization that will effectively prevent future pest intrusions. Contact us today for an onsite inspection and estimate.

Guide To Avoiding Rodents In Fountain Hills, AZ

Rodents are mammals that can create health concerns by contaminating food and spreading a litany of harmful diseases. They are also a potentially destructive force to property as they gnaw on wiring, insulation, and building materials. One of the most important aspects of avoiding rodents is preventing their access to your property in the first place.

The most common rodents in this area include mice, roof rats, and Norway (a.k.a. brown) rats. Fully inspect the exterior of the property for any openings of ¼ inch or larger. Look for gaps in the areas where lines or pipes enter the home. Check the seals and sweeps of all doors for any openings. Seal the chimney, attic, or any crawl space vents with a durable wire-like mesh or galvanized hardware cloth. Seal any gaps that exist in exterior surfaces with strong material, whether that’s a mortar, silicone-based sealant, or cement. The professionals at Green Home Pest Control understand how to eliminate rodents and prevent them from ever returning.

Did You Know Termite Damage In Fountain Hills, AZ Is Preventable?

The subterranean and drywood termites are the two most common in this region of Arizona. There are several different ways to prevent termites from eating away at homes and businesses, as follows:

  • Reducing moisture: Termites prefer wood that has been compromised by moisture. Leaking pipes are a common cause of water damage and should be promptly repaired. Water entry may also result from damaged roofs and gutters. Dehumidifiers can be useful, but wood that has been heavily saturated should be replaced.
  • Preventing soil contact: Wood that has direct contact with soil is most susceptible to termites.
  • Removal of wood outside: It is best to remove tree stumps, fallen trees, and keep collections of firewood away from the property.
  • Foundational repair: Fill any cracks and other openings that exist within the foundation.

Green Home Pest Control provides effective and affordable termite control solutions for property owners in the Fountain Hills area. We encourage you to contact our team of pest control professionals today for an estimate. 

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