Ants (Formicidae) have been rated by the National Pest Management Association as among the greatest nuisances in the United States. Throughout the world, thousands of different types have been identified— over 700 in this country alone. Ants are social insects that form large colonies and assume various working roles to preserve and expand the nest. Ants may appear in many different colors, have antennae, and range in size from .08 to 1 inch long. Based on availability, ants will eat various foods, including seeds, other insects, nectar, and more. When they , they generally are drawn to substances that are high in sugar or meats.

Common Types In The Phoenix Region

Many , with a few that are most likely to move indoors. Pavement ants often nest along walkways and seize opportunities to enter a home through openings in a property’s exterior. Odorous house ants are a common nuisance known for releasing an unpleasant odor when crushed.

Pharaoh ants are tiny, light-colored, and transmit many contaminants. Carpenter ants behave similarly to termites in how they can erode wooden structures. Although they do not eat wood, they burrow through it and can create costly property damage. Fire ants have a reddish-brown appearance and can deliver a painful bite and sting.

Why Ant Problems Can Quickly Worsen

with others if they discover a food source. They produce pheromones, which are chemicals that are released to alert members of the colony. For this reason, the presence of only a few ants may quickly result in many more soon arriving.

Prevent Ants Using These Four Tips

  • Limit food sources: Put all food away after eating and place it in sealable containers as needed. Avoid leaving dirty dishes out overnight, and remember to remove uneaten pet food.
  • Regular cleaning: Promptly clean up spills and thoroughly wipe countertops and other kitchen areas. Trash containers in the kitchen area should have a tightly fitting lid. Sweep beneath appliances in areas near food preparation regularly.
  • Prevent standing water and moisture: Prevent sprinklers from creating any areas of pooling water. Repair any leaks and use a dehumidifier in areas such as basements and crawlspaces if there is excessive moisture.
  • Seal exterior entry points: Repair any holes in screens and inspect and fill any gaps near windows and doors or cracks in the structure’s foundation.

Appropriately Responding To Harmful Pest Intrusions

Many property owners will notice a somewhat minor problem with ants or other pests and underestimate their capabilities. Some people will consider fabled home remedies or do-it-yourself retail products that are overhyped and often ineffective. In the meanwhile, these pests are reproducing and spreading throughout other areas of the property.

In some cases, store-bought solutions will contain chemical agents that may have a harmful interaction with materials in the structure or cleaning products and pose a health risk. You are strongly encouraged to consult with pest extermination professionals to ensure the .

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