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Ant Control Methods & Products In Gilbert

There are many ways Gilbert residents go after ant problems. Here are just a few of the ant control products you can get over-the-counter:

  • Sprays

  • Ultrasonic repellers

  • Ant traps

  • Granules

  • Gels

  • Baits

  • Mound treatments

  • Foggers

Can you get control of ants with these products? Yes, but unfortunately, there are many ways ant control products can fail. You may choose the wrong product for the ant species you're dealing with. You may apply a product that becomes inert shortly after contact with a surface. Your ant control product may become inert when put in a sunny location or when applied before a rainstorm. The methods used to apply ant control products are more important than the products themselves. 

If you want to address an ant issue on your own, we recommend using natural ant management methods such as sealing entry points, addressing moisture issues, removing weeds, getting rid of aphids, managing trash, etc. When targeted ant control is needed, contact Green Home Pest Control for assistance with pest control in Gilbert. Our technicians can identify your pest ants, select appropriate products to address your ant problem and administer the products effectively. Reach out to us for immediate assistance.

Ant Extermination Cost In Gilbert

Do you know that it costs more to exterminate ants than it does to manage ant pressures and prevent ants from getting into your home in the first place?

At Green Home Pest Control, our goal is to provide long-lasting ant control solutions and ongoing treatments (performed bimonthly) to keep ants from getting inside. We provide this ongoing ant protection at a competitive price.

If ants have not yet gotten into your home, don't wait until they do. Get proactive about ant control.

Harvester ant up close

A Closer Look At Carpenter Ant Damage In Gilbert

The most destructive type of ants in the United States are called carpenter ants. In this classification, there are several species. Among carpenter ant species there is some variance. As an example, some species rarely damage homes. They prefer to nest in wall and ceiling voids, rather than in studs, beams, and trusses. The ants to be concerned about are the species that target decaying wood and eventually move into sound timbers.

The escalation of damage often occurs in this way:

  • Carpenter ants find a stump, log, or another source of decaying wood.

  • Worker ants create galleries inside the rotting wood and develop a nest.

  • The nest of carpenter ants matures and releases winged ants. These ants create new nests on the property.

  • The ants may find their way into the wood of fences, sheds, window and door frames, wood skirts, and the support beams on decks.

  • As the population grows, the ants continue to damage decaying wood and may spread to voids and timbers inside your home.

All of this carpenter ant activity can go unnoticed because these ants are mostly nocturnal. Even when they come out in the daytime, they tend to stay in shaded spaces that are hidden from view. Over the course of years, damage can accumulate and begin to cause structural issues. You might notice a corner of your porch is starting to sink, or your kitchen floor may start to have a slope. Doors and windows may start to stick. Your walls might start to bulge. When you start to notice structural changes, it is far too late to prevent the extensive damage these ants can do. 

Odorous House Ant Protection In Gilbert

Another common ant problem is odorous house ant infestations. It stinks to have odorous house ants in your home - literally. When these ants are crushed underfoot, they produce an unpleasant rotten coconut smell. Here are a few tips to help you keep these stinky ants out of your Gilbert home:

  • Weatherproofing. When you replace weatherstripping and door sweeps, you won't just be keeping the cool air in your home during the summer, you'll be keeping odorous house ants out. 
  • Caulking. An application of caulking material around pipes, conduits, and other foundation penetrations will go a long way toward deterring ants.
  • Sanitation. Odorous house ants, along with many other ant species, are attracted to the scent of rotting organic matter. Keep things clean to remove this attractant. 
  • Gutter repairs. When rainwater pours out of your gutters onto your perimeter, that water can create conditions that inspire odorous house ants and other ant species to live near your home.
  • Move wood sources away from your home. Odorous house ants love wood and brush piles.
  • Address aphid problems quickly. Aphids produce honeydew, which is a desirable food source for odorous house ants.
  • Yard work. Removing leaves, sticks, grass clippings, and other organic debris will make your perimeter resistant to odorous house ants.

You can keep ants from getting into your home if you're willing to roll up your sleeves and do a little work. These steps take some effort, but they're 100 percent all-natural. If you'd like help with your ant control, keep Green Home Pest Control in mind. We use pest maintenance first and offer options for organically derived ant control. Connect with us today to learn more about our pest control in Gilbert, AZ.

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