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How To Tell If Your Gilbert Home Has A Cockroach Problem

If you're seeing cockroaches skittering around inside your Gilbert residence, you may wonder, "Why do I need tips to help me figure out whether or not I have a cockroach problem?" This section is not for you. If you're seeing roaches, it is too late to address your cockroach problem easily. The appearance of even a single roach inside a man-made structure is evidence of a mature infestation.

Cockroaches don't prefer to be seen. If you have started seeing roaches, it is likely due to the fact that the roaches in your home have grown a large population and individual roaches must take risks in order to compete for food. This will cause them to be active during the day and to make appearances in the open. We hope you detect cockroaches long before this occurs.

Here are a few tips to help you uncover a cockroach infestation if you have not seen roaches yet:

  • Look in the cabinets under your kitchen and bathroom sinks. Cockroaches are commonly found in these humid locations. Inspect surfaces for black feces, shed skins, and the presence of oothecae (egg cases).

  • Inspect your attic for cockroach feces, skins, and oothecae.

  • Look behind and underneath appliances.

  • Use your nose to detect cockroaches. Some describe the pheromone scent of roaches as being oily and musty.

  • Use a flashlight to inspect voids, such as the cabinet under a jetted tub.

If you find evidence of cockroach activity in your Gilbert home, contact Green Home Pest Control for our cockroach control treatment. We can guide you toward control options that will work best for you.

Everything Gilbert Property Owners Should Know About American Cockroaches

The largest cockroach in Arizona is the American cockroach. It can be as long as 2? inches. It is a chestnut color and has a yellowing orange figure eight on its back. On hot days, it may fly short distances, but these roaches are better equipped for scaling walls and running across ceilings than they are for flying. The most important facts you can know about American cockroaches relate to how they may be controlled.

  • American cockroaches are attracted to damp or humid conditions. They'll be drawn to a perimeter that is saturated and humid spaces within your home that require a dehumidifier. They'll also be attracted to your home if you have leaky showerheads and faucets. Plumbing repairs are essential.

  • American cockroaches are attracted to unsanitary conditions. Not only will they be lured into your yard by a dirty trash receptacle, but they'll also be drawn to yard clutter, stacked objects, and even a towel lying near the pool.

  • American cockroaches reproduce quickly. A female will, on average, produce one egg case per month for ten months. In each of these cases, there are 16 eggs.

  • American cockroaches shed their skins several times as they develop. Each time, they're able to create a new skin that is more tolerant to chemicals found in their environment. This adaptive ability helps these roaches survive exposure to pesticides.

If you find American cockroaches in your Gilbert home, you may be able to drive them out by reducing moisture and keeping your home deep-cleaned. For targeted control, contact Green Home Pest Control for assistance. We use botanically and organically derived products that are pet and human friendly, along with all-natural pest maintenance, such as the sealing of entry points and pathways.

American cockroach on a window screen

Keeping German Cockroaches & Their Germs Out Of Your Gilbert Home

There are two ways German cockroaches can get into your home: they can hitch a ride inside used furniture, and they can come in from your yard. We recommend always inspecting used furniture for black feces, black fecal spotting, shed skins, and oothecae. As for keeping German cockroaches from coming into your home from your yard, there is a lot more to it.

  • Consider pet waste. Cockroaches are attracted to animal feces.

  • Manage trash. Keep trash in covered containers. Put trash to the curb weekly. Clean your receptacles if trash sits for an extra week or if your trash bags have leaked.

  • Clean your gutters to reduce perimeter moisture.

  • Move leaves, dead branches, stacked wood, rocks, and other organic materials away from your exterior. 

  • Trim your vegetation and remove unnecessary plants to reduce humidity.

  • Use a caulking gun to seal entry points German cockroaches can use in order to get into your home.

These all-natural pest management steps can have a big impact on German cockroaches and other pests that seek to get into your home. It's a lot of work but well worth the effort.

Stop Summer Cockroach Infestations In Gilbert

If you want to enjoy your summer, cockroach-free, the best way is to get year-round pest control for your Gilbert home. Ongoing treatments and pest management can help you keep a long list of pests out, including cockroaches. We can help you with this. Reach out to Green Home Pest Control today to learn about our cockroach control services.

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