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Why Professional Mosquito Control Is A Great Idea For Your Gilbert Property

There are so many ways Gilbert residents try to prevent mosquito bites, but most of them target the symptom rather than the source. What do we mean? The mosquitoes that buzz around you while you're out in your yard are a symptom of a hidden problem. You can swat mosquitoes all day, every day, and never run out of mosquitoes to swat. You can also use mosquito deterrents all day, every day, and never get mosquitoes to go away.

If you don't target the source of the problem, your problem will never go away. Guess what professional mosquito control does? It gets right to the source of the problem. Almost all of the mosquitoes that bite you while you're out in your yard are mosquitoes that live in your yard. Professional mosquito control targets mosquitoes at the source. At Green Home Pest Control, we use the following methods:

  • We use a knockdown agent to treat bushes, shrubs, shaded areas, and other locations where adult mosquitoes may be hiding. We do this to directly reduce mosquito populations on your property.

  • We evaluate standing water in your yard and attempt to address these potential breeding areas manually. We will perform tasks such as pouring rainwater out of a frisbee and turning it over so that it can't continue to collect rainwater. We also inform you of potential breeding sites.

  • We apply larvicide to standing water that cannot be addressed. Doing this prevents mosquito development.

  • We deploy In2Care traps. These traps offer desirable breeding sites for mosquitoes. When eggs are deposited, the active ingredient which contains insect growth regulators prevents mosquito development. While in the trap, the female that deposits the eggs is exposed to a fungus that acts as an adulticide. She carries these two microbial agents to other potential breeding sites in your yard and helps to prevent reproduction in these locations as well.

There is no better way to deal with mosquitoes in Gilbert than to address breeding sites and prevent reproduction. While not an immediate solution, you're going to start to really notice the difference in a few weeks - all without the need for insecticides.

Everything You Could Want To Know About Mosquitoes In Gilbert

You know that mosquitoes are biting pests that can cause itchy wounds on your skin, but we are willing to bet that you are not aware of at least one of the following facts:

  • Mosquitoes eat nectar, not blood, for general sustenance. If you have lots of flowers in your yard, you'll attract mosquitoes to your property.

  • Mosquitoes are attracted to light, just like many other insects. If you have white exterior lights on at night, you'll lure mosquitoes onto your property. Replace white lights with yellow lights to remove this attractant.

  • Many pest mosquito species don't travel more than a few hundred feet from where they hatch. Yes, we said hundred. That means mosquitoes aren't flying from yard to yard in your neighborhood. They slowly encroach. If you arrest mosquito activity on your property, you may not see any mosquitoes when you go outside.

  • Mosquitoes lay eggs a hundred at a time. All it takes is one female mosquito to create a swarm of mosquitoes in your yard.

Mosquito control works because it considers the habits, habitats, and breeding preferences of mosquitoes.

mosquito in a garden

Steps To Take Now To Prevent Mosquitoes Around Your Gilbert Home This Summer

There are ways you can help with mosquito prevention early in the year. As you can probably guess, they have to do with targeting mosquito breeding areas in your yard. Here are some suggestions:

  • Get your gutters cleaned. Doing this will reduce perimeter oversaturation, which can lead to puddles. 
  • Remove objects that act as containers. Any objects that collect rainwater and hold it for more than a week can be a source of mosquitoes. A female can lay her hundred eggs in a half a cup of stagnant water.
  • Trim your vegetation. Dense vegetation traps moisture and creates a perfect habitat for mosquitoes, which dry out easily in the sun.
  • Address lawn weeds. When weeds take over your lawn, you may start to see little flowers appearing everywhere. While those little flowers might be pretty to look at, they create a food source for male and female mosquitoes in your yard. It is best to address weed problems to reduce mosquitoes, wasps, bees, ants, and other pests.

If you're reading this in the spring, now is the time to get out into your yard and consider all of the ways you can deter mosquito activity. You can take these steps to add extra protection on top of your mosquito control service or to provide a level of protection you don't already have.

How Gilbert Residents Can Fight Back Against Summer Mosquitoes

If you live in Gilbert, let Green Home Pest Control help you make your yard a much nicer place to be all summer long. You can connect with us anytime to request mosquito control for your property. We offer one-time mosquito control before special events and also year-round mosquito control if you want to always have a yard that is resistant to mosquitoes. Call today for pest control in Gilbert, AZ.

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