Rats in Arizona are not urban legends; they are quite real. Handling a rat infestation can be a serious undertaking. Finding signs of rats? Contact Green Home Pest Control to . There’s no such thing as a single rat; trouble could be imminent if one of these rodents is seen.

Types Of Rats In Arizona Restaurants

Rodents are a common issue in the restaurant industry. Phoenix is home to many types of rodents. in this part of the Southwest.

Interested in learning more? One of the important facts about rats is that they are eating machines and constantly on the lookout for more food. As restaurants offer plenty of food, water, and garbage, roof rats can find these places simply irresistible.

One may think that the people, music, banging of plates, and such sounds to scare rats away would , but these rodents aren’t so easily deterred. Roof rats are nocturnal, so this schedule usually allows them to go undetected in restaurants that close up for the night.

Facts About Rats In Arizona Restaurants

Roof rats in restaurants are more than just an unsightly nuisance. These nasty creatures can bring a whole host of problems to the restauranteur, staff members, and patrons. If there are signs of rats, there could be a possible infestation. A roof rat restaurant invasion can cause several issues.

  • Attacks: Roof rats are known to be aggressive when they feel threatened. Humans can be the perfect target for these rough rodents. A scratch or bite can lead to rat-bite fever. This condition can cause joint pain, headaches, fever, and vomiting.
  • Bad Press: If one roof rat is seen in a restaurant, that can be bad news; cell phones can provide even more incriminating evidence. One social media post is all it can take for a restaurant to lose business, perhaps permanently. If the health department catches wind of rats, they may shut the doors until appropriate actions are taken.
  • Diseases: , like the roof rat, can carry and spread diseases. The bubonic plague, typhus, trichinosis, and salmonellosis are some conditions that roof rats can cause.
  • Property Destruction: Why stop at spreading disease, biting, and causing a loss of business? Roof rats keep expanding their scope of wicked behaviors by ruining parts of restaurants. Rats can gnaw through plastic, drywall, siding, wiring, and wood.

Tips To Deter Roof Rats

Rats in Arizona find their way into restaurants using various methods. These rodents can get indoors via an opening that is as small as a nickel. Roof rats can chew through poorly constructed areas and follow pipes that lead inside. Help prevent rats from making Arizona restaurants their new stomping grounds by:

  • Address Moisture: Avoid leaving standing water in and around the restaurant. Have a plumber ensure there are no leaky pipes or faucets throughout the establishment.
  • Clean: Go above and beyond basic housekeeping. Ensure cooking areas are scrubbed down, and that degreaser is used to get rid of grease that could lure rats. Every piece of equipment should be thoroughly cleaned regularly from the toaster to drip pans.
  • Close Doors: Don’t let entrance doors stay open once people have used them and deliveries are done. Keep all doors closed to avoid letting rats indoors inadvertently.
  • Keep Garbage Contained: Take trash outside frequently and empty it into a dumpster that has a lid. Make sure the dumpster is not close to the restaurant.

How To Get Rid Of Roof Rats

Forget sounds to scare rats away; the best way to ensure roof rats don’t get into restaurants is by enlisting ongoing assistance from pest professionals at Green Home Pest Control. Our technicians have the experience to handle roof rats or any rodents that invade .

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