Ants in Phoenix can bring trouble into your yard. While most are just a nuisance when they get into homes and invade food-storage areas, there are some that present unique threats. Southern fire ants are aggressive ants that swarm and sting. Carpenter ants are destructive ants that, when given the right conditions, are able to damage properties. Odorous house ants get in and stink up the place. It is best to keep these harmful ants out of your home. Here’s how and why they get in, and, more importantly, how to keep them out.

Understanding Ants
There are a few reasons ants get into your home in large numbers. It is important to understand how ants think because you can alter conditions to make it less likely that they’ll invade your home.

Ants and Trash
Before ants get into your Arizona home, they come near to your home. The more ants you have around your home, the more likely you’ll have issues with ants inside your home. One thing that can attract ants is exposed trash or the scent of garbage.

Store bagged trash in covered containers
Remove trash from your property at least weekly.
If you fail to get trash out weekly, be sure to disinfect your receptacle to remove odors that can attract the attention of ants.
Ants and Organic Material
If you have organic material of any kind near your exterior walls, ants are likely to be drawn to it. Yard work is essential for keeping control of ant populations around your home. It’s a lot of hard work, but it is worth the effort.

Ants and Honeydew
When aphids and other plant-damaging insects target the plants in your landscaping, they produce a substance called honeydew. This is a sweet and delectable food source for most ant species. It is important to address insect issues in your landscape plants to reduce this attractant.

Ants and Moisture
There are a few ways moisture can play a part in raising the number of ants around your Phoenix home. Excessive moisture can reduce plant health and create conditions that attract aphids. It can cause wood rot which is attractive to carpenter ants. And, generally, high levels of moisture provide a perfect habitat for many ants. Here are a few tips for managing moisture levels.

Give your plants only the amount of water they need. One way to do this is to put sprinklers on a timer.
Repair plumbing leaks and leaking hoses.
Trim your landscape vegetation to allow the air to flow through and keep things dry.
Clear your gutters of any obstructions.
Ants and Openings
The most obvious reason ants get in is because they can. Once you’ve addressed conditions that might attract ants to your exterior, it is important to take the time to seal gaps and holes. Here are a few trouble spots to check first.

Weatherstripping around doors can develop gaps, and these gaps can give easy access to ants.

Gaps around water mains and wire conduits are common entry points for ants because these openings are low to the ground.

Cracks in foundations are often used by ants because ants explore the cracks of rocks and other hard materials.

Ants and Food
When ants get into your home and find food, they’ll mobilize an army. If you see lots of ants inside your home, you may think that your home has a nest in it, but lots of ants can get into your home through one tiny hole used by a worker ant that found food. If you track where the ants are coming from, you might be able to seal that opening. Then you can simply clean the area where you found the ants and you may solve your problem. For added protection, it is a good idea to have a pest control professional inspect your property, lay down appropriate baits, and perform mound treatments in your yard. Some ant species can establish interior nests when they find food inside your home. These nests can be more difficult to address, and it can cost you more. Proactive ant control is far better than reactive ant control.

Ant Control In Phoenix
If you have trouble with ants, remember that Green Home Pest Control is available to assist you with arresting any ant infestation in your home. We also provide residential pest control service plans to keep ants, and a long list of other pests, out of your home. Ants aren’t the only pests that can present a threat to your property and your health. Reach out to us today to get pest protection for your Phoenix home. It is one of the best investments you’ll ever make.

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