Although they are not aquatic creatures, silverfish (Lepisma sacchrina) are insects that move in a “fish-like” way and also have a scaly body. Silverfish have a wingless body that is typically ¾ of an inch long, six legs, antennae, and appear in an almost metallic grey or silver color. Found in many regions of the country, that mainly exist in warm and humid environments.

Silverfish eat a very unique diet that often includes sugars, cellulose, carbohydrates, and living or dead insects. When residing in a home, they may consume flour, oats, paper products, and glue. Silverfish sometimes will damage books and wallpaper, creating small holes and leaving yellowish stains.

Fortunately, and are typically considered a nuisance pest. Silverfish can move surprisingly fast and can easily navigate their way indoors through somewhat small entry points, which poses challenges in preventing access. Silverfish have a life span of approximately three years, and females can lay several eggs per day, which may reach adulthood in several months.

What Is Attracting Silverfish Indoors?

Silverfish will move indoors to escape cooler temperatures or to look for potential sources of food and water. Homes that have existing water leaks or have recently experienced water damage are among the most likely to attract silverfish. They typically prefer moist or damp areas of a home such as below leaky sinks, in laundry or utility rooms, or humid basements or crawlspaces.

Tips For Preventing Intrusions

Some of the leading prevention include:

  • Promptly repair plumbing leaks and dripping faucets, keep crawlspaces and basements well ventilated, and use a dehumidifier when necessary.
  • Inspect the exterior near the structure’s base for any cracks or other openings that have developed and fill them using a durable sealant or caulk.
  • Fill any gaps around utility pass-throughs and any that exist around the frames of exterior doors or windows.
  • Remove any accumulations of debris or vegetation that are near the property’s exterior.

Why Should I Seek Help From A Pest Extermination Professional?

Far too many will detect a pest-related problem and attempt to take matters into their own hands. Often, these individuals will search the internet for home remedies or purchase do-it-yourself treatment options from online retailers or local stores. Many of these products, including sprays, granular concentrates, and traps, may contain harsh chemicals and might be insufficient in eliminating serious infestations.

In the meanwhile, the pests may be breeding and expanding their presence into other areas of the home, including hard-to-reach spaces inside walls or crawlspaces. The best means of responding to these concerns is to speak with a local pest controller that will conduct a property inspection. A licensed professional will have the knowledge and equipment needed to get the job done efficiently.

Licensed Pest Control Company In Mesa

The team of trained professionals with Green Home Pest Control has many years of experience assisting home and business owners in this region that are , bed bugs, stinging insects, and a host of other pests that are bothersome and potentially dangerous. As a true full-service provider of , we now use many of the industry’s latest products and treatment methods, including many that have proven to be eco-friendly. We strive to ensure that we operate in a manner that protects our customers, their pets, and the local ecosystem.

Part of the formula for our years of success has involved a commitment to offering unmatched customer service and always standing behind the quality of our work with a customer satisfaction guarantee. Contact us today to schedule a property inspection and estimate.

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