Pest problems are mostly intermittent. You might notice a centipede clinging to a wall in your bathroom or find a spider sitting in your tub. You may find ants climbing all over your kitchen trash can or hanging out near your exterior door where someone set a leaky trash bag on the floor. You may notice a bump on your dog or cat and uncover an engorged tick. Most pest problems in Tucson are like this. But others can bring life to a screeching halt. You might get stung by a scorpion, wasp, or bee. You may be bitten by a black widow spider or brown recluse. You might contract a mosquito-borne virus that makes you sick enough to go to the hospital. But there are even worse pest problems than these, if you can imagine. When subterranean termites get into your home, they can damage your property for years and surprise you with a repair bill just as you’re looking to retire and enjoy your home’s equity as part of your nest egg. How do you keep all of these pests out of your home? Life has enough surprises. Join us as we look at common pests in Tucson, the problems they cause, what you can do to stop them, and how your Tucson pest control professional can help. If you’ve already made your mind up and are ready to get year-round home pest control, jump to our contact page for assistance. The Green Home Pest Control service team is here to help. With that said, let’s take a look at common Tucson pests.

The Types Of Pests That Invade Tucson Homes
We touched on many of the pests that get into homes in Tucson, such as centipedes, spiders, ants, ticks, scorpions, wasps, bees, and termites. Let’s separate them into different types to help you better understand how these pests impact your life.

Nuisance pests drive you crazy because they’re gross.
Some pests are more than a nuisance; they actually are gross. These pests pick up harmful bacteria in trash receptacles and other dirty places and carry these invisible disease-causing microorganisms to sensitive zones.
Biting pests can leave itchy welts on your skin and may have the ability to spread diseases.
Stinging insects can cause burning wounds on your skin.
Some pests leave allergens in your home that can cause respiratory issues.
Some pests damage property, things such as clothing, sheets, and upholstery.
Some pests damage the structure of your home and building materials inside your home.
Hitchhiking pests can get into your home to bite you or infest your food.
Some pests carry other pests. When a mouse or rat gets into your home, it is likely to bring lots of ticks and fleas in with it.
These are the general types of pests you can expect to find inside your Tucson home. But there is more you need to know. Let’s discuss how these pests may threaten your health and property.

What Kind Of Problems Can Pests Cause Inside Your Home?
You probably don’t take much time to think about pests. You’re not a pest control technician. Your knowledge is likely limited to the general issues that pest present, which we listed above. But there is more you should know.

You know that a scorpion can sting you, but do you know that the Arizona bark scorpion is the most venomous type of scorpion in North America? Are you aware that a sting from one of these can send you to the hospital?
You know that ticks bite your pests, but do you know that they bite people too and that ticks spread diseases that can have life-long implications? Ticks spread Lyme disease and red meat allergy, both of which can lead to chronic health problems.
You know that termites can damage your home, but do you know how much damage termites can do? These insets cost U.S. property owners more than $5 billion annually.
You know that flies breed in trash receptacles and that they regurgitate when they attempt to eat the bun on your hamburger, but do you know that the common house fly can spread 65 diseases?
You know that mice and rats chew on things, but do you know that they chew on wiring? If a rodent chews on a wire in your walls, it can spark a fire, which can lead to a catastrophic loss of human life and personal property. It only takes one tiny little mouse to do this.
You know that clothing moths can put holes in your clothes, but do you know that it isn’t the adult moths that do this? Seeing moths in your home is a warning sign. The adult moths only live for about a week. When they die, the warning sign is gone and you’re left with their hidden larvae slowly damaging your property, over time.
You know silverfish crunch on paper products, but do you know that they can also become pantry pests? Yup. These insects will eat anything that contains starch, including starchy human foods.
You know that a wasp or bee sting is painful, but are you aware that it is possible to have a dangerous allergic reaction? Do you know that you can develop an allergy to wasps, bees, and other insects even if you’ve been stung several times in your life? Stinging insect allergies can appear later in life after repeated exposure.
Do you see the complexity of the problem? Most Tucson residents know something about pest problems, but few truly know how pests threaten health and property. We share these examples with you to bring awareness of these threats and to motivate you to roll your sleeves up and take action to stop them.

Five Easy & Effective Pest-Prevention Tips
Now that you know what you’re up against, let’s turn our attention to what you can do about pests. Many DIY home pest control products are available to help you deal with pests, but these products aren’t the best way to keep pests out or stop pests from damaging your property. We recommend all-natural solutions because they work to address the reasons pests get inside your home, and some offer long-lasting protection. How does natural home pest control work? Here are our five best tips:

Protect your stuff. A clothing moth or carpenter beetle can only damage your clothes if you let them. Store clothing and other fabrics in sealed containers. Doing this will protect these items and remove the attractant that makes clothing moths or carpenter beetles want to lay eggs in your home. You can apply this concept to any pest that damages your things. For example, subterranean termites damage the wood of your home. Wood is also an attractant. When you replace wood fences with vinyl fences, collect dead branches and store them in a plastic bin, and put scrap wood on a rubber mat, you remove the attractant that makes termite workers want to explore your property.
Alter conducive conditions. Every pest comes into your yard in search of food. Some eat food in your trash receptacles. Keep trash covered and clean receptacles to remove odors that attract pests. Some pests eat seeds. Remove bird feeders or move them well away from your exterior walls. Some pests eat nectar. Address flowering lawn weeds to reduce this tasty insect attractant. Do you see how it works? Learn what pests eat and take the time to remove food options around your home, including strange pest food sources, such as rotting wood, dog droppings, and compost.
Reduce moisture. Water is a building block of life, and Tucson pests need it for many reasons that go beyond getting a drink. Repair damaged gutters and make sure your gutters are working to channel water away from your home. Address dense vegetation in your landscaping because these conditions trap moisture. Remove containers of water around your home to make it difficult for mosquitoes to breed on your property and for other pests to have a watering hole.
Remove the threat early. There are ways to stop pests proactively. When paper wasps create a starter nest on your home, you can knock that little blob down during the day, thus preventing a large nest from plaguing you during the summer months. Remove spider webs and spider egg sacs to prevent spiders from hatching near your home by the hundreds.
Seal entry points. Use a caulking gun and expanding foam to fill in gaps and holes in your exterior. Apply metal flashing to troublespots where rodents are chewing. Replace weatherstripping, door sweeps, and screens that are damaged. Home improvement pest control methods like these are long-lasting protection against pest entry.
These natural methods can reduce pest activity around your home and keep pests from getting inside. Unfortunately, it is a lot of hard work. If you’re not up for that hard work, there is another option.

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