There’s no way to keep certain home-related disasters from happening. However, other catastrophes, like a rodent infestation, are preventable. With a few simple tips, you can make sure . Find out what it takes to keep these pests from invading your property.

The Importance Of Rodent Prevention

Several types of rodents often take over homes in Scottsdale. For instance, mice sometimes come indoors looking for shelter and food. Rats also do the same, although you’re unlikely to see both mice and rats in the same place at the same time. Both of these pests have fast breeding cycles so that an infestation can occur quickly.

Another often-overlooked local rodent is the squirrel. Although these rodents aren’t as quick to take over a home as mice and rats, they’re still a threat. They can easily gain entry to your home through your attic and then nest in your walls.

Whatever rodent you have inside your home, you should be worried. pose a serious threat to your property. First, there’s the issue of illness. Rodents spread diseases through their urine and feces. They also trigger allergies and can make an asthmatic suffer.

Secondly, there’s the risk of property damage. You can be sure that . Once inside your home, rodents will chew on anything they come across. Your electrical wiring could become a rodent chew, resulting in an electrical short and a house fire. In addition to causing fires, rodents can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars in property damage.

Tips For Being Rodent-Free

If you’re trying to , consider following these five simple tips:

1. Proper Food Storage

By keeping your food in tightly sealed plastic or glass containers, you make your property less appealing to rodents. While they may chew through your containers, rodents won’t easily find the food and might remain outside.

2. Proper Trash Storage

Your garbage contains plenty of food for rodents, so don’t leave it open. If you don’t already have a can with a lid on it, go to the store and buy one. Once again, this makes food less available and your property much less appealing to rodents.

3. Declutter Your Home

If there’s clutter inside, rodents have plenty of nesting places. They also have more crumbs to forage. As part of your rodent prevention efforts, move out the furniture and items that aren’t necessary. Keep your attic and basement as free of clutter as possible.

4. Clean Up Your Yard

A messy yard attracts all types of wildlife, including mice and rats. To make your property less attractive to rodents, clean up the yard debris and junk piles. If you have trees near your home, trim them back to make it harder for rats and squirrels to climb.

5. Seal Your Home

Look for any vulnerabilities in your home, like holes around your plumbing pipes. Even small cracks could be chewed open, so seal up the smallest of crevices. You can do so using a caulk gun or by hiring a handyperson to do the job.

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Will your efforts in rodent prevention be effective? There is a chance rodents can still get inside. For the best results, work with a professional to keep rodents away. Here at Green Home Pest Control, we’re here for you. Our team is highly trained in all forms of . You can count on us to keep these dangerous creatures away. To learn more about our ongoing pest control, call us today.

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