If a group of creatures was stealing blood from you on a nightly basis, you would know about it, right? Unfortunately, this is not always the case, especially when it comes to bed bugs. These invasive parasitic pests often go unnoticed inside homes. Sleep is lost, frustration is built, but bed bugs themselves are not found until months after an infestation has begun. To ensure you aren’t caught off guard by , here are a few subtle signs you can use to tell your home is infested.

What Are Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are small apple seed-sized pests that rely on the blood of humans and occasionally animals to survive. From the moment they are laid as an egg to the point of adulthood, a bed bug goes through five stages of development. Identify a fully grown bed bug by its reddish-brown, shield-shaped body. When fully engorged, a bed bug grows to be multiple times its original size.

Bed bugs get meals by waiting until homeowners have gone to sleep. To simplify things, if you are awake, bed bugs will hide either within the crevices of your mattress or in a tight space around your home. It is only after you are deep asleep that these pests will emerge to get a meal.

How Bed Bugs Get Around

Bed bugs are strange pests. They are able to survive most conventional pest control products, but not a few days outdoors. To survive, these pests travel from building to building in a sometimes never-ending journey to find a home. How do bed bugs travel? With your help, of course. Because bed bugs are not mobile pests and cannot fly, they require the help of people like you and the items you carry to get around. Your backpack could be their airplane, your laundry bin filled with dirty clothing, their bus, anything you bring into your home could have bed bugs on it.

The Best Way To Identify Bed Bugs

If there were a competition for the world’s sneakiest pest, bed bugs would have a good chance of winning. Although bed bugs themselves are difficult to spot, the clues they leave behind can be quite telling. To identify these pests around your Chandler home, keep your eye out for these signs:

  • Bloodstains on bed coverings and or around your sleeping area
  • Reddish black dots of fecal matter in the cracks and crevices of your mattress and boxspring and around corners and tight spaces throughout your home
  • Tiny almost see-through eggs and egg castings inside cracks and crevices around your home
  • Bite marks on your skin in a straight line or zig-zag pattern

With everything, keep in mind that bed bugs do not just hide around beds, but instead can be found in any room of your home. Be sure to be thorough with your inspection, and do not hesitate to call in a professional if you are unsure if your home does or does not have an active infestation. Call Green Home Pest Control for an expert inspection!

How We Help Homeowners With Bed Bug Problems

At Green Home Pest Control, we know how difficult bed bugs are to handle. For this reason, we offer multiple solutions to effectively handle . Depending on the size of your infestation and your preferences, you can choose between traditional bed bug control and heat treatment. We even sell comfortable bed bug resistant mattresses at discounted prices. Contact us by phone or through our website now to discuss your options or to schedule your Chandler home for a bed bug inspection.

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